A recent patent from Microsoft demonstrates what the globalist takeover plan really is. Specifically, it calls for new laws to control our health, technology, and food supply. Globalists are already pushing for “green” regulations as part of their post-COVID recovery efforts. However, these laws are in fact just another example of what the globalists are planning to do to us. We should be aware of these threats and understand the potential consequences of globalist takeovers.

In the United States, this takeover will lead to a two-tier system in which the elite and globalists rule one tier, while the unwashed control the other. In this world, the ruling elite will be the permanent majority. While this may not be a real threat to us personally, it will be the perfect setup for the globalists to take over the world. And it will take place very soon, if the globalists have their way.

Rex Tillerson, the former CEO of Exxon, is part of the global fossil fuel network. He has close ties to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Thus, the globalist network has infiltrated Washington and the White House, and is now fully entrenched. While the globalist takeover of America is not as obvious as Trump’s own actions, it is possible to understand the mindset of the globalists behind the current administration.

This misdirection is a classic magician’s trick. Globalists believe the EU will collapse if it doesn’t accept Islamic refugees. Globalists are also launching a religious inquisition against climate change deniers, who deny the existence of global warming. The anti-Trump narrative has been fuelled by a barrage of ominous messages. However, the state-by-state path of Trump’s nomination is a bright spot. In fact, the anti-Trump narrative is fuelled by a series of ominous messages and a number of dismal occurrences.

Many conspiracy theorists believe that the New World Order is being implemented through human population control. By controlling human population, the New World Order can monitor and control our movement. Such a plan may be facilitated through reproductive health and family planning programs, unneeded wars, and environmental disasters. The globalists are neo-Malthusians. The term “globalist” is not a new idea, and it has been around for decades.

Proponents of globalist takeover conspiracy theories have claimed that the coronavirus was a manufactured global system to replace the current one. This theory is alarming, and has prompted a lot of dangerous rhetoric in extremist spaces. But there is more to globalist takeovers than meets the eye. There are even conspiracy theories about the Great Reset. They are fueled by false and misleading information, and they will continue to escalate until they are mainstream.