Globalist Takeover

Computer Generated Voter Fraud and Deep State Corruption

Martin Armstrong has been warning us that the globalist takeover is just around the corner. The geopolitical analyst and author was correct in predicting the system would collapse in July. His predictions have been controversial, but his calls have been accurate in the past. While the mainstream tends to create consent and pedal a narrative, we should not believe that the upcoming changes are inevitable. Instead, we should look to what the conservatives are doing.

The coronavirus has become the pretext for a one-world takeover. Likewise, the “test and trace” plan for permanent surveillance has been peddled as the next big globalist scam. While New World Order paranoia overstated the real trends and developments of the 2000s, the new threat of a globalist takeover is unfolding everywhere. However, we should remain skeptical. There are some reasons why we should be concerned.

First, the New World Order is trying to tyrannize the United States. This is a real threat and Trump is encouraging it. In order to protect our country, we need to act now. The only way to stop the globalist takeover is international cooperation. If we can overcome the malign forces and the power elites who run them, then we have a better chance of protecting our sovereignty. Soros is the man who created COVID-19.

Another reason we need to be aware of the Globalist Takeover is because it is the most obvious threat to constitutional democracy in the world. Moreover, we must not be frightened by the recent collapse of the United States. The collapse of the U.S. and the E.U. is merely a temporary denial of the liberal order. It does not necessarily mean that globalism will disappear; it simply means that globalism is weaker now. If you believe the New World Order is a serious problem, you might want to read this article.

As a matter of fact, there is a globalist conspiracy in the United States that will not allow Americans to protect their own interests. Despite the claims of the New World Order, the truth is that we must not allow them to control our lives. They are the masters of globalist takeover. We have to fight the shaming and fear, and the deceitful forces who are driving this agenda want us to fall apart.

The New World Order is real, and it’s advancing in the United States every day. And a powerful cabal of elites will be in charge of controlling the world and its citizens. These people are not only the ones causing this crisis, but also the globalists themselves. They are the ones driving these political forces, so they should not be taken seriously. The globalists’ agenda will make the American people pay attention to this propaganda.