Globalist Takeover

A Globalist Takeover is a plot that would have any American citizen frightened out of his or her mind. One of the leaders of this scheme is George Soros, who made his fortune in the early 90s by owning hedge funds. Some anti-Semites have labeled him a collaborator of the Nazis, but there’s no doubt about his record of being a leader in the globalist takeover.

One of the most infamous figures in the Globalist Takeover is George Soros, who made his fortune by buying up currencies in the early 1990s currency crisis. Some anti-Semites have even labelled him a Nazi collaborator, but there is no doubt that Soros is a Globalist. If we are to stop Soros and stop him from attacking the United States, we must stop them first. The New World Order is a conspiracy theory that’s been around for over a century.

A Globalist Takeover is imminent and the Trump administration is the main perpetrator. President Trump’s close ties to Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman have helped instill paranoia in the Washington establishment. After all, Trump is a fossil fuels-based product, and his alliance with Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman are closely related. These connections only serve to strengthen the conspiracy theories that the Globalists use to subjugate the world’s populace. The globalists also want to destroy the American economy.

A Globalist Takeover is already underway. Soros’ financial and political connections make him the perfect candidate for such an attempt. The goal of the Globalists is to bring down the United States and the rest of the world. These groups control everything from the price of oil to the energy supply. It’s a conspiracy that’s been growing in size for years. It’s a real threat. There’s no need to be alarmed.

It’s hard to know what to believe. There are many rumors and conspiracy theories out there, but it’s difficult to know which is the true one. However, the truth is that globalists are the only major threat to the United States. That means that they are the ones who control the oil supply. Whether they are in control of the oil supply or the government is, “globalists” are in control of everything. They are the ones who influence our politics, and they have an agenda to control our citizens.

The Globalists are attempting to control the United States through government laws. This plan is based on a false belief that globalists are aiming to make America the center of the universe. While globalists are trying to control the United States, they are destroying their own country. In fact, they are trying to force their will on the people of the world. They are causing the collapse of our nation, and are using the power of our economy to dominate the world.