Globalist Takeover

The Globalist Takeover is a worldwide conspiracy theory that aims to control resources for the benefit of a few people. Bill Gates, for example, is one of the key figures behind the plot. He is an ex-Hedge Fund exec and has made his fortune during the early 1990s currency crisis. Anti-Semites have even labeled him a Nazi collaborator. While Soros may not be a globalist, he does appear to be aligning himself with the globalists to take control of the United States.

The progressive agenda of Hillary Clinton aims to destroy the Constitution and remake America into a socialism-like system. The globalists’ ambition is to permanently seize power. In the past, pure democracy has been abused by the ruling class. America’s founders chose a republican system that safeguards minority rights. They transcended their own weakness to devise an extraordinary form of governance based on the Rule of Law, overriding the “Rule of Men” concept.

Some conspiracy theories claim that the globalists are trying to control human population growth and movement. These plans include the use of biosensors to control human movement and the development of medical tyranny. Globalists are trying to conquer the world, but they are not telling us all the facts. Thankfully, there are other ways to fight back. But if we choose to ignore the evidence, we’ll be facing a very dark future.

There are also anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Many believe that Soros funds Antifa and chaos through his Open Society Foundation. In Atlanta, DeAnna Lorraine, who is running against Nancy Pelosi in March 2020, called upon her two61k Twitter followers to use their influence to bring attention to this organized takeover. She asked people to use the hashtags “sorosgate” and “soros” to spread the word.

As the anti-globalist movement grows, we should try to identify the benefits of global capitalism and how it has benefitted us. Free trade has increased global living standards, and immigration has facilitated economic development. The globalists are using the United States Patent Office as a playground for their globalist friends. And they are using the patent system to enrich themselves at the expense of real inventors. Using these tools, they are exploiting the American people and their ideas.

Another example of this is the COVID-19 pandemic. In recent years, globalization has blurred nation-state borders, which has increased conflict between globalists and nationalists within a nation-state. Proponents of globalization are obsessed with the idea of national boundaries disappearing, while conservative nationalists view this as unacceptable and continue to fight for the protection of their nation’s economic and cultural traditions. These two types of conflict are escalating, and despite the fact that globalization is a good thing, the anti-globalists are obsessed with keeping them intact.