Globalist Takeover

Several things are wrong with the current US government. For one thing, they claim to be a democracy, but the US government is actually controlled by globalist aristocrats. These globalists have taken over our economy and media. They are a part of a larger conspiracy to control the world. And that conspiracy is now a reality. Let’s examine the true nature of the US government and what they’re doing.

A globalist takeover is underway and is already destroying America and the planet. This group consists of a small inner circle of filthy rich people who have a single goal of controlling every human being. All aware people are afraid to talk about these individuals. They’ve already been able to control everything from global health policy to technology. And they’re trying to kill us one by one, starting with our economy. So who’s responsible?

We must stop enabling the globalists’ plan to control our planet and its resources. It’s time to stop their agenda and stop the Globalists’ takeover of our society. This threat to freedom and democracy is real. The only way to defeat it is to work together as a global community. By establishing international cooperation, we can defeat this malign global force and the powerful elite that control it. The world has never been this dangerous.

The Globalists have been stealing the opportunities provided by the Cold War. They’ve accumulated an iceberg-like mass of information while Americanists slept. As a result, they’ve advanced in substantive fields while Americanists slept. In other words, Globalists have seized the opportunity and are taking over the world. But it’s not over yet. The fight between the Globalists and the Americanists is far from over.

The concept of the Great Reset has long been associated with conspiracy theories, but recent events on the world stage lend credence to this notion. Activists for the Great Reset are not only vocal about their plans, but they use the term as a harbinger of their agenda. The latest example of this is the World Economic Forum’s Davos 2020 conference, which was focused on working together to create a more cohesive world and end income inequality. The Davos 2020 Conference launched the “The Great Reset Initiative.”

The founder of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, made predictions about 2030 that are widely accepted as proof of the Globalist Takeover. He said that by 2030, “you’ll own nothing and you’ll own nothing,” and the video went viral. Since the video was published, it has disappeared from WEF’s Twitter feed but resurfaced during the summer of 2020. As a result, we can see the emergence of Covid as an agent of globalist control.

Rex Tillerson, the former CEO of Exxon, is another example of a globalist. He is part of an international network of fossil fuel execs, which is primarily responsible for building the New World Order of climate change. His links to petro-autocrats include Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The globalist network has permeated the U.S., Washington, and the White House.