Globalist Takeover

This article will briefly touch on the topic of globalist takeover. The book was published in the summer of 2016. In it, the author reveals what the globalists plan to do to us all. In this piece, you will learn what these plans are, and how they are threatening our country. The Globalists’ plan to take over the world is alarming, and it will only get worse from here. But don’t worry, it’s not too late to stop it.

The globalists are working on a two-tier system to replace the American republican principle of Rule of Law. This would create two tiers of government, with the progressives ruling one tier, and the unwashed ruling the other. In other words, they would create a permanent majority that would make rules in their own image. This process started in the British colonies in America in the 17th century, and it has continued in the United States. And the globalists are already in power, thanks to the ascension of Hillary Clinton and other aristocrats.

The President-elect and the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon, are leaders of the global fossil fuel network responsible for climate change. They have close ties to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Putin. It is a clear sign that the globalist network has infused Washington, the White House, and other key positions. While it is difficult to pinpoint precisely who is behind this movement, there are a number of suspects in this network.

The most recent national poll shows Trump ahead of Clinton, and the Pope is now warning that the United States should be careful of what it eats. Meanwhile, the Pope’s warning against a personal relationship with Jesus Christ has been confirmed by the Washington Post. And a top Clinton aide is suffering memory loss during deposition, a sure sign of totalitarian fascism. Despite all these warnings, the President has made progress on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPPO) and has approved a patch for U.S. troops fighting ISIS.