Globalist Takeover

One of the most important issues facing the United States today is the globalist takeover. These forces are working together to reshape the world order and control the economy. The Trump administration has formed a strategic alliance with petro-autocrats such as the Russian President and Saudi Crown Prince. Interestingly, Trump is a fossil fuel exec and has had many contacts with the Saudi Crown Prince. These connections are alarming and provide ample evidence of the Globalist Takeover.

In order to impose the Globalist agenda on the world, two broad approaches have emerged. First, they seek to establish an international network of agreements, or “customary international law,” that supersedes the processes of national decision-making. This strategy extends well beyond the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which provides no binding obligations. Secondly, it judicializes key decisions and removes them from common political processes. And thirdly, it attempts to impose a unified world standard to protect the interests of the Globalists.

This approach involves bending the American system to fit global standards, while undermining American exceptionalism and national autonomy. While Americans are typically the skeptics of this strategy, Europeans should recognize that America is the first country to succumb to global pressures. A country that submits to this strategy is bound to set a negative precedent for others. It is imperative that we avoid allowing globalism to overtake our country.

The Globalists have seized opportunities from the Cold War and built an iceberg-like mass of information. As the Americanists slept, Globalists advanced in substantive fields. However, we should remember that these efforts are still underway. As a result, the globalists’ efforts to influence our lives have already fueled the conflict between Americanists and Globalists. The Globalists’ strategy involves swaying the American people and causing unrest.

In order to make the United States more energy-efficient, Trump has been embracing petro-autocrats. He has been collaborating with Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in order to monopolize the global energy supply. These petro-autocrats are poisoning the world with globalist policies. Globalism is the ultimate goal of globalists, and they have become embedded in the Trump administration and the White House.

Martin Armstrong, a legendary geopolitical analyst, has warned of the globalist takeover. He even predicted that our system will end in July. His predictions were controversial, but accurate. In reality, the mainstream tends to manufacture consent by pedaling narrative. However, the Globalists’ agenda includes more than the destruction of sovereign nation states. There is an imminent danger of a globalist takeover. So what is the future of human society?