Globalist Takeover

The biggest issue facing the U.S. today is the Globalist Takeover. A group of globalist forces have allied themselves with petro-autocrats to manipulate our economy and reshape the world order. Donald Trump’s close ties with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman are alarming proof of the globalist takeover. What can be done to stop this invasion? Let’s examine the globalist takeover and see what the future holds for our nation.

The globalists are already making plans to impose new laws across the globe. Gates’ globalist plans already include powerful influence over international food, health and technology policies. In their quest to build the world back up, they will push for new green regulations. This is part of a “post-COVID” recovery plan. Gates’ plan is based on his own views and that of his globalist allies. As a result, we can expect the Globalist Takeover to be a reality.

The term “globalist” is often used as a dog whistle for conspiracy theorists. But it actually means something different to different people. For example, “globalist” refers to a cabal that controls global economics and media. In reality, the globalist cabal is not a foreign power, it is an elite group that controls our economy and media. This globalist takeover will be a worldwide effort that will benefit both countries.

While the Globalist agenda seeks to impose a worldwide standard, it also tries to impose a network of agreements and “customary international law.” The latter, referred to as CIHL, will judicialize key decisions made by nations. As a result, we will no longer have sovereignty and independence in our countries. In the end, the Globalists will have taken over our lives and our governments. If we do not resist the Globalists, we will have no chance to survive.

In contrast, the Nationalists have emphasized their national identity. They are the heads of state, the “social elites”, and populist politicians. In contrast, the Globalists advocate for the elimination of nation states and the establishment of a global community. The two groups are not identical, but their actions and values are similar. As such, it is crucial to understand both groups, both nationalist and globalist, and determine the differences between them. The Globalist Takeover aims to make all of us part of a global community.

While the United States is not a globalist, they do have nationalists in power. These people are supposedly guided by national interests, but their actions contradict this premise. While Bill Gates and his conservative aides consistently shirked their duties to the World Health Organization, these same leaders have continued to support the WHO. But if the Globalists succeed in the globalist Takeover, the United States will soon join them.

The Globalist Takeover has been a controversial topic in recent years. Some conservative groups have claimed that it’s a hoax to blame the Sandy Hook massacre on a globalist conspiracy. Others believe that the September 11 terror attacks were a set-up by the government. These groups have also been active in the news media. This is not to say that globalism is good. It’s important to remember that the current climate change is far more dangerous than the threat posed by foreign armies.