The globalist takeover is a conspiracy that some people call fake or a myth. This plan calls for the establishment of a New World Order where the powers that be control all aspects of our lives. The United Nations seems to be at the heart of this plan. However, there are many reasons that this plan is not true. Here are a few of them. – It is not the work of globalists to dominate the world.

Globalist Takeover

– We’re Under Attack by the Elites – Many people have claimed that the U.S. government was taken over by globalists. This idea was discredited and then resurfaced as a falsehood. Meanwhile, others have claimed that globalists have created COVID-19 to enslave the world population. This view is a falsehood. But if you read history, you’ll see that the elites have been working together to overthrow the United States government.

– They control the economy – The globalists control the economy, energy, and environment. They have their man in the Oval Office. They are the ones promoting the New World Order. – They poison the world – It’s time to take action. The time to act is now. The time to stop this globalist takeover is now! If we don’t stand up and resist them, we may be destined for a terrible fate.

– The Globalist Takeover – This is a sham! It’s an attempt to control all of us through globalist propaganda. The New World Order is already taking over America. With Donald Trump encouraging these globalists, the time to fight them is now. It’s the only way to defeat the malign force and the powerful elite. You have to stop them before they can ruin the entire planet. There’s no other option.

– The Globalist Takeover – The Globalists are now in control of our economy. They control all aspects of it. They are responsible for the economic collapse and global crisis. They also control the media. The media is the source of much of the propaganda and information. As a result, the globalists are trying to influence the world by any means necessary. The World Government, in fact, is the most powerful power in the world.

– The new world order has its origins in the globalist network. In the past, the globalist network was a globalist conspiracy. In the present, it is the neoliberal movement. The globalists want to control the world. The globalists are creating a new world order. If you’re not careful, they could even re-write the history of our civilization. There’s an international organization called the World Government.

– The globalist takeover is a globalist conspiracy. The globalists plan to implement a New World Order through human population control. This is done by enslaving people and controlling their movements. Some theories claim that the New World Order is responsible for the COVID-19 virus. This is a worldwide conspiracy that is occurring in real time. The conspiracy is a worldwide plot. It will destroy America. It has begun a long time ago.