Globalist Takeover

Computer Generated Voter Fraud and Democrat Corruption

There has been a lot of talk recently about a Globalist Takeover. One of the most prominent figures who has supposedly been leading the conspiracy is George Soros, a hedge fund owner who made his fortune during the early 1990s currency crisis. This man has even been labeled a Nazi collaborator by anti-Semites. If Soros is behind the conspiracy, we need to stop it and stop him from attacking the United States.

This is the same George Soros, who is believed to be the leader of this globalist takeover. Soros made his fortune as a hedge fund owner during the currency crisis of the early 90s, and some anti-Semites have even labeled him a collaborator with the Nazis. This is a common belief, but if you look at his record, it’s obvious that Soros is leading the globalist takeover.

Soros is one of the richest men on the planet. He made his billions as a hedge fund owner during the currency crisis in Europe in the early 90s. But he’s not just any old banker or hedge fund owner. He’s also a Holocaust survivor who has been accused by anti-Semitics of collaborating with the Nazis. As a result, a globalist-style takeover of America is happening.

The U.N. is a fake globalist group. It’s the U.N., environmentalists and George Soros who are the real globalists. They control energy supply and pricing and have a representative in the Oval Office. These globalists are poisoning the planet with their noxious agenda. In addition to the globalist takeover, they have been promoting the use of fossil fuels. But as we know, the fossil-fuel globalists knew what the consequences would be, but they ignored those consequences.

The globalists are using the New World Order to control human population growth. Their goal is to control the human population so they can monitor everything and control movements. They will use biosensors and medical tyranny to make the world a communist state. The new system will also eliminate individual countries, including America. So why are they doing this? And what is the endgame? Is it really the end of the liberal order?

The globalists are pursuing a plan to control the United States’ oil production. They want to use the natural resources in order to dominate the world. They are using biosensors and other technologies to take control of our bodies. The biosensors will be able to monitor our every movement. This means that they will be able to control us. Ultimately, they are trying to change us. It will lead to disaster.

What about this New World Order? The neo-Malthusians are concerned that the new world order is already underway. They believe that it will create laws to control the population and control the movement of people. The goal is to keep the population in control of the United States, and they are doing it through the media. It is not a good idea to ignore the truth about the globalists and to ignore them.