The Globalist Takeover agenda is based on a number of ideas, and it seems as though each one is growing more radical and extreme as time passes. But what is the true nature of these ideas? How is it that these groups are able to make such powerful statements? How is it that the agenda they are promoting is gaining acceptance in our world? We’ll see in this article. Hopefully, this will inspire more people to join the cause.

Globalist Takeover

This globalist takeover is actually a globalist conspiracy theory. It aims to get us to give up our rights and enact policies that are consistent with the interests of the globalists. It claims that the American people have become too dependent on these policies and that they are causing an economic collapse. As a result, people have been driven to fear the government and are increasingly paranoid. As a result, they have become concerned about the effects these policies will have on their lives.

The Globalist Takeover’s two main approaches have been linked for decades. The first is the Great Reset and the Green New Deal. The second is the Globalists’ efforts to bend the American system to international standards. This plan aims to erode American exceptionalism and national autonomy. The US is the most important skeptic of this plan and will become the most vulnerable nation in the world if it doesn’t reject the neo-Malthusian globalist agenda.

The second Globalist advance is the Statute of Rome. This treaty creates a potentially powerful international institution with jurisdiction far reaching than that of the existing International Court of Justice. The goal of this organization is to create institutions and procedures that allow for more control of the behavior of states. This concept is incompatible with the notion of sovereign equality of states – a notion beloved by Third World governments. These actions are a part of the New World Order, and we must resist this threat.

The Globalists have taken advantage of the Cold War opportunities. They have created an iceberg-like mass of information and knowledge, and a representative in the White House. As the US’s president, Donald Trump is attempting to make America energy dominant. He is surrounded by petro-autocratic leaders, such as Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. These globalists poison the world and the American people.

Another important reason why the United States should stand up against this regime is that it is in the best interest of the global community. The Globalists are trying to restructure the world in a way that benefits them. This is an example of how this agenda is a good strategy. By imposing new laws, they can influence the world’s government and the world’s economy. The result is that we have a globalist government.