Globalist Takeover

One of the prominent figures in the Globalist Takeover is George Soros. Soros made his billions during the early 90s currency crisis. Some anti-Semites label him a Nazi collaborator, but he is actually a Holocaust survivor. In preventing a Globalist Takeover in the United States, we must prevent Soros from attacking our nation. This article examines the role Soros may have played in the California recall election.

The “Coronavirus” is being held up as a pretext for the Globalist Takeover. Its mastermind is billionaire George Soros. It is being widely believed that the NSA, Bill Gates, and Anthony Fauci are all part of the globalists’ plot. They have put forward the “test and trace” system of permanent surveillance to control the population. This is yet another example of the New World Order’s paranoia overstated the reality of developments in the past decade. As the world becomes more globalized, the Globalists will be in control of the resources that we use.

A neo-Malthusian theory describes the New World Order as a new global order that seeks to control human movements and population growth. The globalists plan to control the human population and movement by using biosensors and medical tyranny. In the end, they want to conquer the world. This is a looming threat and the only way to stop it is to oppose the New World Order. If you’re a patriot, it’s essential to oppose the New World Order!

One of the most frightening theories of the Trump presidency is the idea of a globalist takeover. While the US government claims to be a democratic nation, the globalists are secretly planning a takeover of the United States. While they claim to be independent of political parties, the US government is actually a globalist aristocracy. Its members control the media and the economy. The US government is a pawn in a worldwide conspiracy, and it’s time we start listening to these people.

The Trump administration has made a strategic alliance with petro-autocrats. As a result, the Trump administration has been in contact with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. In fact, these two elites are behind the creation of the New World Order of climate change. Moreover, Trump is a fossil fuel exec, and his close ties to both Russia and Saudi Arabia are alarming. This is evidence of a globalist takeover of the US.

The neo-Malthusians claim that the globalists are trying to control our population. Their goal is to create a New World Order in which they control people and their movements. Among the many examples of globalist conspiracy theories are the emergence of a new breed of globalists who want to rule the world. But, these globalists are not aware of these facts, and they’re using the media to make their agendas look good.

Soros’s “new world order” is a twisted version of history. A former hedge fund investor, Soros made millions during the currency crisis of the early 90s, and was accused of collaboration with the Nazis. Soros is the real globalist. He argues for a one-world government, and he is the head of the Globalist Takeover. If he is a leader, so is Soros’ record.