Globalist Takeover

Is the World Toward a Globalist Takeover? The paranoia surrounding the globalist takeover has surpassed all reasonable explanations. The “Coronavirus” is being held up as a pretext for the takeover. Many people are singled out as potential masterminds, including billionaire George Soros, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, and the NSA. They also want us to subscribe to a “test and trace” surveillance system that would permanently monitor the population. However, this paranoia overstates real developments over the past decade. In fact, the “Coronavirus” is unraveling internationalism everywhere.

The Globalist Takeover is a conspiracy theory based on conspiracy theories. It is possible that we are already under attack by the globalists, but the evidence is mounting. The recent attack on the US Capitol is only one example of the globalist takeover. We can expect a global communist society to replace our country in the near future. In the meantime, we can still defend our freedoms as Americans. We have to fight this globalist conspiracy and make sure that the globalists are stopped.

Some of the prominent figures in the Globalist Takeover are George Soros, a hedge fund owner who made his fortune in the early 1990s during the currency crisis. Anti-Semites labeled him a collaborator with the Nazis. Regardless of the reason for this anti-Semitic label, this man has a proven track record of leading the globalist takeover. If the World Government doesn’t stop George Soros, we can expect a re-election.

The Globalists are an unpopular minority that wants to control the United States. They are a diverse group of people who are uncomfortable with capitalism and individualism. They want to run everything through a centralized, global government. They don’t care if we like it or not. They have a distinctly statist agenda, and they will not be happy unless they can control our lives. In the meantime, we are destined to be victims of their globalist takeover.

The globalists want to destroy the American republican priority of Rule of Law. This is done by creating a two-tier system, one dominated by progressives and the other dominated by the unwashed. This way, the permanent majority would have the power to create rules in their own image. This is the same process that occurred in the British Colonies of America beginning in 1776. The globalist ascension of Hillary Clinton will end the experiment.

The New World Order is a political system that controls human population growth. The globalists want to control our movements and even use biosensors to control our health and our movements. This will endanger America’s national sovereignty. In the end, we must resist this globalist takeover by opposing globalist policies and practices. The only way to stop them is to stop them. So what should we do? The time is now.

We are witnessing the effects of climate change and environmental destruction right now. Wildfires in California destroyed the equivalent of three Rhode Islands. There are even rumors of a globalist takeover. The truth is that we are living in a conspiracy. So, we must be alert to this reality. In the end, the Globalists will be successful in their quest to control the rest of the world. So, how do we resist this?