Globalist Takeover

Unlike many conspiracy theorists, I have no illusions about the Globalist takeover. After watching Planet Lock Down, I believe in what I’m saying. This documentary series exposes the true intentions of globalists – to take over every area of life, making the world a global slave technocracy, where the few wealthy and powerful people control the many. In other words, it’s a world government where everyone’s life is run by the few and their interests are served.

One of the key events in this globalist takeover was Donald Trump’s surprise victory over the bipartisan establishment, which spans the Reagan and Trump years. This victory emboldened the Democrats, whose anti-Americanism was infected by their membership in militant movements. They were then energized and ready to stage an electoral and ideological putsch, all while cloaked in the pandemic panic wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

One Breitbart editor, apparently thinking he was communicating with Bannon, referred to the “globalist” wing of the Trump administration as the “only hope” and suggested that they use surrogates to do their dirty work. Interestingly, this editor is Matthew Boyle, who works for Breitbart’s Washington office. But he’s not the only one to call out the globalists, claiming that the president has a globalist agenda.

Trump’s ally, Rex Tillerson, is part of the globalist network. These execs are responsible for the creation of the New World Order of climate change. Among them are Rockefeller, Mellon, Getty, and Buffet. These globalists also fund international banks and NGOs. And they are now fully embedded in Washington, DC. What will happen next? If globalists succeed in bringing their agenda to power, the entire world will be ruined.

One of the most disturbing aspects of the globalist takeover plan is the use of biosensors to control human behavior. While these biosensors are not yet widely used, they are the very ones responsible for the rise of globalist governments. This globalist plan is a classic example of a misdirection by magicians. Globalists are trying to manipulate the public into believing that they are helping us achieve a better life. But, we should be vigilant, as these globalists are trying to make this happen, and they don’t want us to know it.

Globalists and nationalists differ in how they define themselves as a social group. While nationalists are the political elites who advocate for nationalism, globalists have a different set of values. Nationalists typically promote national-based stigma, while globalists focus on international-oriented subjectivity. These two groups are inherently opposing. And if they are not, then it’s not a globalist takeover.

In addition to globalist-led international organizations, many countries, such as the United States, are increasingly anti-globalist. In the case of the WHO, the United States’ withdrawal from the organization is an atrocity against humanity. Despite its alleged “national-focused” ideology, the organization is not helping global health. As a result, the editor in chief of the Lancet magazine, Richard Horton, argues that it’s the globalists who are the culprits.