The “Real” Globalists control energy prices and supply. They have their representative in the Oval Office. They poison the world and are now trying to get us to buy into their agenda. One of the consequences of the Globalist Takeover is climate change. Bill Gates, George Soros, and other globalists predicted the onset of COVID-19 just ten weeks before it happened. They are also the ones dictating how our world economy and environment should look.

The Globalist Takeover is a two-pronged attack on America. One is to bend the American system to international standards. This means that American exceptionalism and national autonomy are being compromised. The Globalists’ second approach is the most dangerous, as it sets a destructive precedent for others to follow. The first approach is clearly counterproductive to the Second. But it is still worth examining. Let’s consider some of the key issues.

First, the American People reject global governance. The vast majority of Americans reject it and are comfortable with capitalism and individualism. But these Americans are largely ignored abroad and are not part of the political campaigns. Regardless of which side you fall on, you should know what they believe. The most important question is whether or not they are willing to put their country’s interests ahead of their own. Fortunately, this isn’t a new issue.

The Great Reset and Green New Deal are part of this globalist plan. Gates already has enormous influence over global health, technology, and food policies. He is also pushing for “green” regulations to rebuild the world after COVID. But it’s not just global policies that are at risk of collapse. A few key aspects of the globalist takeover plan are the New Green Deal, the Great Reset, and the eradication of individual countries.

Another important Globalist advance is the Statute of Rome. This international treaty creates a powerful international institution with the authority to overrule national judicial systems and to supersed national decisions. This policy, in effect, violates the concept of sovereign equality between states. This is a major concern among many Third World governments, which support the sovereignty of their people. The globalist takeover of America will be unpopular and ineffective.

The use of the term “globalist” by the new president has caused alarm among analysts who track extremist groups. The term carries multiple meanings, from benign to sinister, and is an easy dog whistle for conspiracy theorists. In the last election, President-elect Donald J. Trump referred to the term “globalist” to describe the state of the United States. He claimed that the Sandy Hook school massacre was a hoax and that the Sept. 11 terror attacks were inside jobs.