Globalist Takeover

There are a few conspiracy theories out there pointing to a Globalist takeover. One of them involves Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum, both of which are heavily involved in the globalist agenda. In fact, Gates even co-hosted a pandemic simulation for COVID-19 ten weeks before it actually occurred. The reason for this is a mystery, but perhaps Bill Gates has something to hide.

In the early 1990s, the first book to come out that attributed the rise of fascism to a globalist conspiracy was The Antichrist. Robertson’s book resurfaced time again, and eventually spawned the Left Behind series, which spun his predictions for a one-world government into 16 novels and several dreadful movies, and installed the anti-Christ as the head of the United Nations. And now, Trump is running for president and has raked up some conspiracy theories, too.

The globalist plan calls for new laws worldwide. Gates already has enormous influence over global health, food, and technology policy. The Globalist Plan also calls for new green regulations, which he says will help us recover from the COVID pandemic. This will result in a global communist society. Individual countries will become irrelevant and unsustainable. The United States will no longer be the world’s superpower, but instead a small group of nations will dominate the planet together.

The term “anti-globalism” has multiple meanings, including anti-Semitism and racism. It has political power and has garnered a wide audience. As a result, the term has become a rallying cry for many right-wing groups, including the mainstream and far-right. The term has become synonymous with globalization, which has been criticized by liberal organizations for decades. It’s not just the anti-global agenda that is gaining power, but the globalist takeover of the economy.