What does it mean to be a part of the Globalist Takeover? This podcast looks at the recent events surrounding Covid, the World Economic Forum, and the recent comments made by Joe Biden. Bill Gates co-hosted an event at the World Economic Forum where he predicts the onset of COVID-19, a pandemic virus, ten weeks before it actually occurs. This is just one example of the globalist agenda and how the wealthy are involved.

As far as the Globalist Takeover is concerned, it is a two-pronged attack on the United States. First, it attempts to bend the American system to international standards, a policy which undermines American exceptionalism and national autonomy. Second, it creates a precedent for others to follow. Third-world governments are fighting back, but this is a mistake. There are many dangers associated with the Globalist Takeover, and the time is now to act.

First, it is important to remember that most Americans reject global governance and prefer capitalism and individualism. It’s not that they do not believe in these principles, but they should know what they stand for. The question that matters most is whether they will stand up for their country and put their own interests before those of others. There is no right answer, of course. So, what do we do about globalism? Is it truly a good idea?

The Globalist Takeover includes the New Green Deal and “green” regulations. While we may believe that these global policies are only at risk of collapse, the plan does include other global policies. The New Green Deal and the eradication of individual nations are just two of the globalist takeover’s goals. Moreover, globalist takeover plans are also in danger of collapsing, unless we stop these evil forces.

The term “globalist” is a loaded term, as the word is used to describe different types of groups. It can be neutral or sinister and a dog whistle for conspiracy theorists. Oftentimes, “globalist” is used to describe globalization, which has been the target of criticism from liberal groups for decades. For example, Donald Trump claimed that the Sandy Hook massacre was faked, and that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were inside jobs.

The “real” Globalists are not environmentalists, George Soros, or U.N. officials. They control energy prices and supply. The latest generation of Globalists know about climate change and have even gotten a representative in the Oval Office. By putting their plan into action, they’ve poisoned the world. Climate change is just one of the consequences of the Globalist takeover. If we keep going on as we’ve been, we’ll be in danger of global tyranny.