The anti-globalist movement is alive and well, with Trump supporters realizing that their elected officials are not doing anything for their country. These aren’t the first conspiracy theories to surface, but they are growing increasingly common. Here are some of the main ones. Read on to learn about their real meaning. But be warned: these theories are highly misleading. If you’re still in the dark about these events, you’re not alone.

Globalist Takeover

The New World Order is beginning to tyrannize America, and the Trump administration is doing nothing to stop it. The only way to defeat this malign global force is international cooperation. By working together and uniting as one, we can defeat this powerful elite and the petro-autocrats who are attempting to enslave the masses. So, what is the truth? Is the New World Order really the end of our freedom?

Various conspiracy theorists believe that the New World Order will be implemented by controlling human population, in order to monitor and control movement. This will be accomplished through such measures as family planning, reproductive health programs, and unwarranted wars. It is also thought that the globalists are neo-Malthusians and alarmists. So, it’s important to understand the true nature of these forces before we make any conclusions.

What is the real threat? The real danger is the globalists’ attempts to control the energy supply and pricing. In order to control our energy prices, we must control the globalists. The U.N. isn’t a globalist. Our government’s representatives are merely the agents of these execs. The problem with these “globalists” is that they have an office in the Oval Office. But if you’re not afraid to question the motives of your elected officials, you should be careful.

There is no shortage of evidence pointing to the globalist conspiracy. In fact, there’s even a conspiracy theory about Soros. Soros, after all, is the head of the “New World Order.” This group is behind the climate change denial movement. But it is not a conspiracy. Instead, it is a powerful lobbyist and an authoritarian. The globalists have a sway over the United States and have become the dominant world power.

The globalists are the real threat. The US government has the power to control local, national, and global areas. So, they have control over national, local, and global institutions and governments. It is no secret that the globalists have a plan to take over the world. There’s a huge conspiracy of this kind happening. But it’s just a conspiracy theory. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s the most popular.

There are other conspiracy theories that are more dangerous than the current one. For example, one of the hoariest militia conspiracy theories is the use of FEMA concentration camps. In reality, the New World Order posits that the regime would round up conservatives, gun owners, and those who resist its policies. But it’s not. The globalists are trying to destroy America. So they’ll have to do it by any means necessary.