Globalist Takeover

Computer Generated Voter Fraud and Democrat Voter Fraud

If you’re not familiar with the Trump administration’s alliance with the petro-autocrats pushing for a globalist takeover, you’re missing a major clue. Trump was a product of fossil fuels, and is promoting US dominance in energy. And it’s no wonder he’s close to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Russian President Vladimir Putin. In recent years, paranoia and the idea of a globalist takeover have become deeply entrenched in the Washington and White House.

Whether you believe in the looming globalist takeover, or not, you must know how it’s happening. In the United States, our elected officials are blaming the global elite for all of our ills, and they are already enslaving the American working class. Soros, the founder of the X-Men, is reportedly planning to create laws to enslave the rest of us.

While some believe that Soros is leading a globalist takeover, there’s no evidence for that. The billionaire has made his fortune as the owner of hedge funds during Europe’s currency crisis in the early 1990s. Some anti-Semites label him a collaborator with the Nazis, while others say that Soros is a Holocaust survivor. In any case, if you’re in the Atlanta Jewish community, this movie should be a must-see.

Moreover, a new world order theory could play a part in the California recall election. The memes on social media about Gavin Newsom’s supposed role in a global takeover have made the candidate look like a puppet of the Chinese Communist Party. In addition, the president’s alleged ties with petro-autocrats – including Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman – make him a prime candidate for a global communist takeover.

The threat of a Globalist takeover is real. The globalists are enslaving humanity with the use of force and are destroying our natural environment. While this may seem farfetched, it’s the truth. These attacks have the potential to destroy our civilization and our country. We should recognize this threat by recognizing the epoch and global elite. If we’re serious about protecting our freedom, we must stop this dangerous and undemocratic ideology. The only solution is to take action now.

The globalists have a plan to take control of the US government. They are already in charge of global health, technology, and food policy. They have their own set of rules for everyone, and they’re not afraid to implement those. In addition to globalists, they’re also behind the recent attack on the US Capitol. This is a clear sign that a worldwide conspiracy is afoot. The upcoming attack on the United States will prove this point.

There is no way we can prevent a Globalist takeover of the United States. We are already living under the threat. And the globalists have no intention of preventing this from happening. They’re only interested in making it as a more comfortable place for their elites. The next step is to make the U.S. a truly free society. This will mean that we no longer need a massive foreign military.