Globalist Takeover

Computer Generated Voter Fraud and Democrat Voter Fraud

The Trump administration has formed a close alliance with petro-autocrats pushing a globalist takeover of the United States. The Trump administration is an unapologetic proponent of US energy dominance. The president is also in close touch with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Russian President Vladimir Putin. This alliance has helped instill paranoia of a globalist takeover in Washington. The president is the product of fossil fuels. He has close ties to Russia and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The recent attack on the US Capitol is only one of the many proofs that a globalist takeover is underway. The attack will be the culmination of policies that were put into place during the pandemic. However, the recent attacks against the US Capitol are an indication of a worldwide conspiracy. In the near future, a global communist society will replace the United States. In the meantime, the world will be governed by its own set of rules and regulations.

The current crisis in the United States is a warning of the dangers of the “New World Order.” Its tyrannizing influence is being encouraged by Trump and other globalists. Only international cooperation can defeat this malign force and powerful elite. But that is far from certain. While a temporary decline in the liberal order might be a sign of a post-liberal age, it is not the end of the world.

The new world order theory may have a role in the California recall election. As a hedge fund owner during the currency crisis of the early 1990s, George Soros has made a fortune. Although some anti-Semites label him as a Nazi collaborator, he is a Holocaust survivor. But is Soros really a globalist or a racist? That is the real question. And whether or not the globalist takeover is a reality is up to us.

In 1991, Pat Robertson wrote a book titled “The New World Order” that warned of the New World Order. Throughout the Cold War, this book and its predictions about a one-world government were resurrected. Its author and publisher, George Soros, and other globalists, have become the most influential people in the world. And while they are not a “real” globalist, they are a powerful political power.

The globalist takeover is a conspiracy theory that involves the creation of a totalitarian world government. The New World Order is a government of the wealthy, and a globalist takeover is a secret plan to take over the United States. While the US government claims that it is not a political party, they are not, in fact, a democracy. Instead, it is a globalist aristocracy.