A recent e-mail sent by Breitbart editor Matthew Boyle appears to confirm the belief that Trump and the globalists are a team. The email refers to the “globalist” wing of the Trump administration as the “only hope” and suggests using “surrogates” to do dirty work. Although the email was a joke, it does show the twisted mind of Breitbart editors.

Globalist Takeover

In it, Soros and his cronies call for new global laws, but there is a catch. They already control global food, health, and technology policy. Their “build back better” strategy calls for all nations to implement “green” regulations as part of the post-COVID recovery effort. These policies will make it harder for us to compete internationally. But in the end, it will be our choices and our freedoms that are at stake.

The globalist plan is becoming reality. Many are worried about globalist takeover of America. President Donald Trump encourages globalists. However, the only way to combat this threat is through international cooperation. By coming together, we can defeat this dangerous malign global force and the powerful elite that are driving it. We must become vigilant and take action now. The time to stop the Globalists is now. Don’t let them steal your future!

The real globalists are George Soros, the U.N., and other globalist groups. We have a representative in the Oval Office who is in direct alignment with the petro-autocrats. The U.N. and other globalist organizations control energy pricing and supply. By poisoning the world, they are destroying the American economy. The real globalists aren’t the people in the White House, but the world’s political leaders.

This is a conspiracy theory based on conspiracy theories. But it’s not a conspiracy, but a conspiracy. And it hasn’t been confirmed yet. But if it’s true, the “globalists” have overrun the United States with the help of fake news. In fact, the only major threat to the United States is the globalists themselves. They are the ones who are orchestrating the government’s rise and fall from grace.

The globalists are also trying to control human population. By controlling our population, they can monitor and control our movements. Reproductive health and family planning programs, environmental disasters, and wars are all used to accomplish this. Apparently, a globalist takes advantage of these methods to enslave the masses. It may sound like a conspiracy, but it’s actually an attempt to take over the world by controlling our society.

While these theories are based on conspiracy theories, climate change is already causing havoc in the here and now. In November, wildfires in California destroyed the equivalent of three Rhode Islands. Meanwhile, the left-wing globalists are promoting a new world order based on fossil fuels. These groups have made their own definition of “elite” by attempting to control the world’s population. They are not interested in democracy or freedom.