Globalist Takeover

Computer Generated Voter Fraud and Democrat Voter Fraud

The globalists are plotting a globalist takeover of the US government. Already in control of technology, food policy and health, they are trying to enforce their own rules on everyone. The recent attacks on the US Capitol are proof of a global conspiracy, and their upcoming attack on the United States is the perfect opportunity to take action. If the people of America want to stop them, they must do it now. The only way to do that is to fight back.

The globalist takeover is being led by George Soros. Soros became wealthy as a hedge fund owner during the currency crisis of the early 1990s. His political views have led to a number of controversial theories, including the fact that he is a Holocaust survivor and collaborator with the Nazis. However, the globalists have never claimed responsibility for their actions. Soros has been labeled as the mastermind of a globalist takeover and has been accused by some of being a Holocaust collaborator.

In the recent past, Martin Armstrong has warned of a globalist takeover. He has predicted that the system will end in July. Although some may disagree with his predictions, they have been proven accurate in the past. While the mainstream tends to manufacture consent by pedaling a narrative, it is crucial to listen to the voices of the masses. As we see in the events of September 11, it is clear that there will be no more individual countries in the future.

So, what should we do about this threat? The only way we can defeat it is to work together as a global community. With our combined strength, we will be able to thwart the globalists and save our democracy. If the new world order does indeed threaten our freedom and democracy, then we must act now. We must be determined to defend our nation from this growing threat. If we fail to work together, we will be the saviors of our civilization.

It is time to stop the globalist takeover. We must stop this terrorist attack before it has a chance to cause global chaos. It must be stopped before it can start to work for us. We must stand for the freedom of our country. We must fight the Globalists. We must stop this at all costs. The globalists have no other choice. Our people should be free. If we do not, we will be under a lot of pressure and will not be able to survive.

The New World Order is not a Utopia. The plan is about creating a global society with the same values as our enemies. As the world becomes more globalized, it becomes more dangerous to the individual. The new world order will destroy the American economy. The New World Order will be able to control everything, including the world. They will eventually takeover everything, and will stop you. The world will become one big socialist government.