Globalist Takeover

The World is on the verge of a Globalist Takeover, and it is time to prepare for the worst. As we move further into the new millennium, we are being inundated with alarming new headlines claiming that the globalists are encroaching upon our sovereignty. Bill Gates, for instance, is co-hosting a pandemic preparedness simulation titled “novel coronavirus.” This is hardly surprising, given his role in the development of the virus. But is this really a threat?

The U.N. may be the real culprit behind the recent California recall election. Many memes have depicted Gov. Gavin Newsom as a puppet of the Chinese Communist Party and a globalist. And some protesters have even compared him to a Nazi. In a sense, the concept of a “New World Order” is the next great political battle and it could have a major impact on the November 2016 elections.

In addition to the Great Reset, the Globalists have their sights set on implementing the New World Order, as well as bringing about a medical tyranny. A recent Microsoft patent illustrates this – biosensors that turn people into cryptocurrency miners. These technologies are not just hypothetical, but are actually in the works. The threat is real. If we want to stop it, we must prepare ourselves for the consequences.

The threat of a Globalist Takeover is real. The petro-autocrats are already causing havoc. A recent prairie fire in Canada destroyed the equivalent of three Rhode Islands. The hurricanes of 2017 swept through the Carolinas, Florida, and Virginia, killing more than thirty thousand people and causing $30 billion in damage. And last year, wildfires raged across California. There is no denying the reality of a globalist takeover.

In 1991, Donald Trump surprised the world by defeating the bipartisan establishment, which spans the Reagan and Trump years. The victory emboldened the Democrats to end-run the Constitution and install an anti-Christ in the head of the United Nations. Similarly, the US President and the FBI have warned that a globalist takeover is already underway. A terrorist attack in the US capital on January 6 highlights the dangers. In addition to radicalization, social media platforms are also fueling the growth of domestic violence.

While the American elite is the primary source of the globalist takeover, Americans are the only ones benefiting from it. The globalists are a powerful group of wealthy, scheming globalists who would kill anyone who stands against their plans. They control local governments, national governments, and institutions – all levels of society. But what about the world of people who don’t belong to a national elite? What are the benefits of a world leader who has an international influence?

As a result, the globalists are destroying our country from within. The New World Order will replace all of our government-controlled infrastructure. It is an insidious global agenda, backed by foreign companies. While the American economy will continue to thrive, the world will be in ruins. And if we don’t do something now, we’ll have no choice but to live under this world. The problem will be very simple to solve: