The Trump administration and Donald Trump have long been in league with petro-autocrats and their agenda of a globalist takeover. Even though Trump himself is a product of fossil fuels, he is pushing for a US-led energy dominance. In addition, he has close relationships with Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The new world order and its paranoia has become so deeply ingrained in Washington and the White House that it is hard to imagine that the globalist takeover will not go forward.

Globalist Takeover

The Globalist Takeover is now a reality. The United States is no longer safe. In fact, the world is now under globalist control. This is the goal of President Obama and his administration. We can’t afford to be blindsided by such an overarching plan and continue to ignore it. It’s time to take a stand against the globalist takeover and stop it in its tracks! The truth is far more frightening.

Many conspiracy theorists believe that a globalist takeover will happen through human population control. This will allow the elite to monitor and regulate movement. Some of these plans include family planning and reproductive health programs. Others claim that Soros will create laws that will enslave humans. It’s easy to understand how some people see this scenario. Fortunately, it’s possible to get your questions answered by the authorities. It’s a good idea to get your questions answered before it becomes a major political issue.

The Globalist Takeover has become a growing concern for Americans. We should take action now before it becomes too late. Despite the recent developments in American politics, we must not underestimate the threats posed by the globalists. It is only through international cooperation and political will that we can stop the malign global force and its powerful elite. And the only way to do that is to unite together to fight the forces of evil.

The current US government is blaming the global elites for social and economic woes. The US government has a long-term agenda to steal the wealth of the American working class and bleed the country dry. In order to implement the Globalist Takeover, the US government has established hundreds of concentration camps. Rounding up Americans could begin any moment. The US government will soon declare martial law and suspend the constitution. During the crisis, the American people will be displaced by foreign terrorists.

There are several signs that the Globalists are planning to takeover the country. First, the Trump ad appeals to both strains of right-wing extremism. Some of these groups are anti-government militia groups, while others are actively preparing to watch the election polls. Those who are on the right will not be fooled by these ad campaigns. This is not a popular candidate. In addition, he will have to face the “extremists” in order to gain the support of his base.