The looming threat of a Globalist Takeover is not new to many people. But few people have actually looked into what this plan entails. It’s a two-pronged attack on America. While the aim is to bend our system to international standards, this strategy would compromise national autonomy and American exceptionalism. What’s more, it would create a dangerous precedent for others to follow. Even so, there are still some key issues to consider.

The Gates plan for a global communist society includes new laws and regulations for global health, food, and technology. The “build back better” plan would make individual countries irrelevant. The United States would cease to be the world superpower, and a small group of nations would dominate the world together. And that plan would begin with global green regulations. Gates is essentially implementing his own version of “green” policies. But how will this plan benefit us? Gates is already influencing global health, food, and technology policy.

One of the key elements of this plan is the Great Reset. The plan includes policies that eliminate debt and establish a global communist society. These policies include biosensors that convert people into cryptocurrency miners. Microsoft’s patent illustrates the plan’s dangers. The Great Reset, however, is a very real threat to our freedom and our very existence. While it’s difficult to predict the future, it’s still possible to prepare for it and protect our future. If you’re concerned about your own safety, you should take a look at this video.

As the Great Reset approaches, it is essential to understand that the World Economic Forum is also supporting these plans. They seek to influence the nature of global relations, national economies, and the priorities of societies around the world. Furthermore, the agenda of this forum will affect the nature of business models, global governance, and the management of the commons around the world. The World Economic Forum has over three hundred participants representing 117 nations and 53 heads of state. These groups don’t hide their intention to take control of the world.