Globalist Takeover

Conspiracy theorists have been warning about a Globalist Takeover for decades, since the post-World War II era. In fact, the John Birch Society was responsible for instilling anti-globalist sentiments during the Cold War. This virus has since spread and now threatens to become a pandemic. Here is a summary of what this conspiracy theory says. Read on to discover more.

Globalists are making deliberate efforts to judicialize key decisions. They aim to replace national constitutional standards with international ones. This is a dangerous precedent that should not be ignored. Globalists are working to take control of every aspect of our society, including the military and economy. The United States is one of the most important skeptics of Globalist efforts, as submitting to international pressure is a dangerous precedent. We must continue to stand our ground against these evil forces.

Rex Tillerson is the CEO of Exxon and a member of the fossil fuel network. He has close ties to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. These connections reveal a globalist network infiltrating the White House and Washington. This network has a representative in the Oval Office. Moreover, they are poisoning our world, as Bill McKibben has shown. As a result, the U.S. and other countries are undergoing a Globalist Takeover.

In the years to come, we will be unable to own our own homes. Everything will be rented or delivered to our doorstep by drones. Our nation won’t be the world’s leading superpower. A handful of countries will rule the world together. Custom organs will be 3D printed on demand. Climate change will cause billions of people to be displaced. Countries will need to prepare to host more refugees. And we will no longer have sovereign nations.

Anti-globalists have focused on the fact that Bush went to Yale. Yet, these same anti-globalists ignored the fact that he was a member of the oil baron elite, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission. And yet, his elitism is unquestionable. In reality, it’s all a part of a larger conspiracy. So, despite the aforementioned threats, it’s hard to imagine that the US is not in the process of a Globalist Takeover.