Evil Biden

As the VP nominee, Joe Biden has a lot of bad qualities. He argues that guns don’t save lives and says that AR15s are no match for the government’s F-15s and nukes. However, he seems to forget that the US signed a peace treaty with the Taliban a few months ago. The US military was unable to overthrow a group of cave people armed with 60-year-old AKs. After all, the Taliban didn’t have much at stake, despite their threat to the US-regime.

But he doesn’t care about this reality. If we look at the facts, Biden is one of the worst presidents in the history of the United States. His illegitimate presidency was backed by the Rockefellers, who are regarded by many as traitors. But, there’s good news – he’s not the only one in this mess. There are many other nefarious Republicans in the White House who are working hard to bring America back to its former glory.

As the VP nominee, Biden is attempting to temper the expectations of migrants and prevent a flood of migration to the southwest border. But that doesn’t stop him from being a puppet master for the fossil fuel industry. One such asylum seeker, Gabriela, has been locked up in a camp for over a year. She requested anonymity due to threats she received. While most of the people who work for fossil fuels are white men, her story is not typical of the political climate in America.

In his campaign, Biden pushed for a ban on assault rifles and high capacity magazines. This is a ridiculous position. In fact, most crimes involving firearms are committed with handguns. However, he waited until a mass shooting using military-style semi-automatic rifles. By banning these weapons, Americans will be less likely to die from gun violence, which is the goal of any socialist agenda.

While the Clinton era DEMs looked for new voting blocs, Biden’s infrastructure plan prioritizes racial justice by replacing lead pipes and expanding public transportation. This is clearly a racial agenda. Biden is imposing a majority of non-whites into largely white neighborhoods. He is abusing the power of government to promote his agenda. And he is willing to use the tax dollars of white Americans to do so.

The elder Biden controlled the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy. His son, Hunter Biden, worked as a contractor for the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. Then, in November, Joe Biden suffered a hairline foot fracture while playing with his dog. He had to wear an orthopedic boot for weeks. If that wasn’t bad enough, he’s now facing an additional attack from the president. This isn’t the first time Biden has suffered from an injury.

Moreover, Biden’s Department of Education recently issued a proposed new rule establishing priorities for grant applications in civics and history education. It is also important to note that Biden’s new priorities are aimed at small programs, which means that he’ll continue to influence the Civics Secures Democracy Act – a bill that will appropriate $1 billion annually for six years to fund civic education. Already, Biden’s proposal has promoted leftist “action civics” and praised Critical Race Theory in schools.