Evil Biden

The Democrats are trying every trick in the book to elect Joe Biden as president. While the working class largely despises the Democrats, they are still taking advantage of that disgust and turn them into ratings-grabbing zombies. But if you look closely at Joe Biden’s campaign, you will see that his campaign was financed by corporate donors who want a neoliberal “normal” that makes the rich richer while the rest of us suffer. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party has become nothing more than the hirelings of the imperialism.

In addition to the racial rhetoric, Biden has been a prominent architect of laws that have hurt minority groups. One example is his infamous 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, which has led to mass incarceration. Biden has also defended the use of military force against criminals. While his past rhetoric is not new, the policies he pushed have led to the disproportionate number of deaths and incarceration of minority groups.

A majority Republican Senate and Supreme Court could conceal Joe Biden’s geopolitics and non-plan for the working class. Meanwhile, he is building a career on criminalizing Africans in the US and other colonized people worldwide. As the “war on drugs” progresses, he has introduced a crime bill. Similarly, Plan Colombia has received criticism for its criminality. A majority Democratic Party would stifle true people’s power.

In the US, the Republican Party and the Democrats’ own party have a legitimacy crisis. Twenty-five percent of voters see the US government as illegitimate. The Republican Party has not even seated a Democrat in Pennsylvania. This shows the legitimacy crisis that the US government is facing, and the people are reacting with hysteria. And while many Americans are thankful to have a Democratic president, many others are in a position to support Biden.

The emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop raised questions about the relationship between his father and foreign business ventures. They also showed that he introduced Burisma’s executive to his father and tried to pressure Ukraine’s prosecutor to fire his lawyer. Apparently, the emails are a national security nightmare. As a result, his father, as well as President Biden’s father, may be involved in some criminal activity. The FBI agents may even be threatening America’s freedom of speech.

In the meantime, the bidens’ five older grandchildren piled into the movie theater in the White House. Meanwhile, the White House lawyers wanted the stories about the waterlogged laptop to be laundered through a respected news outlet, the WSJ. Meanwhile, Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal has published several overlapping sets of Hunter Biden emails. Those emails will be released soon. In the meantime, the Bidens’ five grandchildren are watching nighttime movies in the White House movie theater.