Evil Biden

If there was an election in which the Democrats were the favored candidate, Joe Biden would be it. After all, he was the closest thing the Clintons had to a Mafia family. His political machine has ties to the Mafia, which is why more than 50 people have died around him from Arkansas to 2016. During the Obama administration, the only questionable death occurred during the Republican administration, when anti-Iraq war U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone was murdered during campaign 2002. But all that can be forgotten if he has a good plan.

The biden presidency is a psychological warfare operation run from an underground base in Switzerland. The base straddles the borders of Switzerland, Austria, and Lichenstein, and anyone in any of those countries can enter. The fact that the ruling class has to hide in Switzerland is the ultimate sign that they have lost the war for the planet. The Bidens are a perfect example of a mentality that has been ingrained for centuries.

In the past, the Biden administration has attempted to temper expectations of migrants by curbing the flow of migrants through the southwest border. However, this has not stopped the rising tide of migration. As a result, a Bolivian asylum seeker named Gabriela, a woman from Venezuela, is stuck in an unofficial camp for over a year and has requested anonymity. She said she had to hide because of death threats and is now afraid of being identified.

The Biden administration is also trying to end zoning laws, which supposedly continue the segregationist past. By removing single-family zoning laws, Biden hopes to allow more people from lower-income communities to live in better-off areas. Such policies will likely improve the quality of life in inner-city communities and provide more opportunities for people of color. That’s a clear example of Biden’s racial prejudice.

Another example of Biden’s anti-gun agenda is his attempt to ban assault rifles and magazines. This is a very liberal progressive position, which makes him one of the most dangerous politicians in history. In fact, 98% of crimes committed with firearms in the U.S. involve handguns. Biden waited until a mass shooting with a military-style semi-automatic rifle to ban it. The reason why he did this is that he was trying to save lives. But, last year, the U.S. was hit by gunfire, and knives and handguns were used.

As the Democrat Representatives have shown in the past, they have no concept of what it means to be an American. By requesting Biden to use non-existent powers and violate the US Constitution, they prove that they have no concept of the American nation. The United States, or the Constitution, is what America is all about. This is the reason that the Democratic Party is so dangerous. That’s why it should vote against HR1.

But if it is true, then why is there such a thing as a “Dark Biden”? Why do we need a President who is evil? We’ll find out during the second presidential debate in Nashville. The Democrats have lost all respectability among the American people. They’re no longer the only ones who hate Biden. But the Dems are making a huge mistake. So, we must choose sides and elect a new president.