As Vice President, Joe Biden has the unenviable task of restoring American values. As a good man, he is morally sound, generous and sympathetic. Yet his approval rating has plummeted, and he is constantly mocked as “Evil.” However, in Afghanistan, the evil that the Taliban did would not have allowed Kabul or any provincial capital to fall to them. Trump’s chaotic withdrawal set off dictators around the world. The humiliation that the Taliban caused the United States also played a role. Moreover, he did not address Iran or the Ukraine and fumbled the word Ukrainian. Clearly, he doesn’t believe in democracy and has made efforts to make America stronger.

Evil Biden

The Left-wing academic Steven Salaita tweeted that Biden hasn’t lived up to his rhetoric in the past year. Indeed, he noted that the worst quality of the vice president is his incoherence. Nevertheless, there is no need to dismiss his words. It is clear that he is the right person for the job. And he is a team player. So, what does this mean for Americans? Unlike other candidates, he will do what’s best for America and for the world.

The Democrats should be cautious with the “Evil Biden” rhetoric. In the past, Democrats publicly decried Republican attacks on Joe Biden while privately granting him every concession possible. That’s not what we want to hear, but it’s a fact. The Democrats are the ones that voted for him, and it’s clear that they’re not the party of freedom. They fought for the same values. They want to change the country, and they should do it with the help of the Democratic Party. But they shouldn’t do this without a strong alternative.

There are many other reasons why Joe Biden is “Evil”. In the past, he used patriotism to win the nomination. Now, he’s the candidate with the most votes, but he’s the least popular president in the US. In addition to being a poor choice for the presidency, he’s also failed to make a good president. His ill-fated speech was the opposite of a successful campaign.

The current crisis has reminded Americans that life and liberty are at stake. While students at university should be ashamed to complain about “microaggressions” and “evil” in the United States, they must be ashamed of their actions when compared to the heroic efforts of the Ukrainian people. The only path to peace is to reject polarization and embrace cooperation with those on the opposite side of the aisle. These two goals are mutually incompatible.

There is an unspoken evil in Joe Biden’s speech. According to Mimi Harris, the vice presidential candidate is being held hostage by Donald Trump, and voters should vote for him to protect the country. Other claims include his support for the 1994 Crime Bill, and accusations of sexual assault by Tara Reade. If true, they are both evil. But the vice president has not been the only one who is bad in the past.