Evil Biden

Joe Biden, a self-styled “evil” politician, is a hired hand of imperialism. His global capitalist crisis has deepened, and the effects of neoliberalism have polarized people from the right to the left. His ability to lead his own coalition is limited by the opposition to Trump. If the Democrats lose in 2020, a majority conservative Supreme Court and GOP senate will likely cover up the geopolitical underpinnings of Biden’s campaign.

Despite his progressive credentials, Joe Biden is a lifelong politician. He supported the 1994 crime bill and has a history of promoting policies that have worsened the lives of black Americans. He is a co-author of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, which led to mass incarceration and devastating effects on minority communities. His politics reflect this mindset and are antithetical to American values. If you can’t see the difference between a capitalist and an evil biden, don’t vote for them.

The media has always ignored this pattern and focused on his racism, not on the right-wing. But this isn’t a new phenomenon. In fact, the Democratic Party has long been sympathetic to the right, which is concerned about discrediting US imperialism. This is why the media has been able to focus on the racism and hatred directed at Biden. However, a closer look at his past history reveals that the Democrat Party has a history of supporting the right-wing.

The Democrats assumed that a victory for Biden was a triumph for humanity, when they were wrong. His campaign offered nothing to shake Congress or benefit the American people. Indeed, the Democrats should have won without a fight, but the fact remains that he was a dummy and is ill-suited for the job. And what’s worse, a second term under Trump would be far worse for our country. And progressive Democrats are helping to make the situation worse for all of us.

This is why a Biden presidency is a disaster for the African people. The President-elect will continue the Obama-Biden policies of bailouts for big business and austerity for the working class. The Obama-Biden-led economy pushed millions of Americans into precarious labor and crippling student debt. And the economic recovery that Biden oversaw was also a disaster for the working class. Hence, a Biden presidency will only exacerbate this problem.

Those who are left-leaning have largely abandoned their long-standing stance against voting for capitalist parties. This includes the Industrial Workers of the World, Eugene Debs’ Socialist Party, the early US Communist Party, and the Trotskyist movement. Now, the radical left is declaring “Bernie or bust!”