Evil Biden

The election has all the ingredients for an Oscar nomination. From suspense to extreme comedy, from violence to propaganda to action, this election has it all. It may be the longest production ever made, but it will surely go down as an American epic. Half of the country is crazy for Biden, while the other half is insane for Trump. Even after the result of the election was announced, the stocks of prisons and jails rose. As the capitalists say, they were “cheated”!

In addition to this, he has been a deep-state operative for decades. He has subverted the efforts of front-line doctors and undermined the presidency. He has complained about restrictions on media appearances and has opined that White House events are unsafe. Despite this, he has refused to condemn the left-wing street protests and riots that have taken place in many cities. And yet, he is the man who will make America a more fascist society!

In addition to these issues, the recent election has proven that young Black voters are increasingly civically engaged and savvy. Despite recent incidents like the COVID pandemic and President Obama’s attempts at racial division, the results of the election suggest that a significant minority of Black voters are now motivated to vote Democrat. Recent events have increased civic engagement among young voters and will hopefully inspire them to vote in the future. If they haven’t already, they will.