The Democratic Party is trying to sell their vice president as the lesser evil. Progressive Democrats are using social media to persuade hesitant voters to “Settle for Biden.” These campaigns acknowledge that a second term for Trump is more dangerous than one with Biden, but they also present the vice president as the lesser evil. This is a bizarre strategy, given that America’s definition of evil has changed dramatically in the past four years.

In this election, Joe Biden is a great example of an anti-vaccine operative. This candidate wants to take away the First Amendment protections for public employees who oppose abortion. He is also a pro-abortionist and has been since his presidential campaign. However, the ultimate goal of progressives is to promote abortion. Therefore, if Biden is elected as president, the American people will not benefit. If we are to continue to rely on the Democratic Party, we need to fight back.

In the last election, Barack Obama did a terrible job of protecting the US from China. Instead of focusing on the needs of American citizens, the US should focus on fixing our failing two-party system. As long as there is a governing party in place, the country will be fine. But, we aren’t there yet. We can expect a new Democratic Party. It won’t be easy, but it will get there.

If Biden is the lesser evil, then the Democrats need to do better than that. While we can’t vote against Hillary Clinton, we can’t blame the Republicans for not electing Biden. Their efforts have failed, and their election should be won. The Democrats must fight for bipartisan support. The Democratic Party needs to regain control of the presidency. The Republican Party must stop the Democrats from electing a socialist. Otherwise, we will face the repercussions of their actions.

The Democrats should do whatever they can to defeat Biden and make him the vice president of the United States. But, if the Democrats don’t do that, they will fail as president. If they lose, the Democratic Party will be doomed to failure. The party needs to be resolute. We should not accept any political strategy that divides us. We need to fight back against the Democratic Party. The left should not be allowed to be the cause of the American Left’s downfall.

While he has been nominated for president, he has been in the news recently. As the president, he has been a vocal opponent of diversity and equal opportunity. His support for a diverse society is the opposite of what the president should be doing. In addition, the Democratic Party needs to stand for diversity. If the candidates do this, they will be able to build a coalition of Democrats. In the meantime, the Left needs to focus on restoring equality and reducing inequality.