The evil of Joe Biden is a well-known fact. In his 2012 run for president, he spoke to Republicans and Democrats alike, laying out the terms and the arguments that would make him the best president. Although the Electoral College has been stacked against him, he is still the lesser evil, even if he hasn’t yet made his mark as president. But as President, he has a much bigger impact than his predecessor.

Evil Biden

The only thing Biden will do is re-elect Trump. Voting for Biden will do nothing to slow down the rise of the president, but it will certainly hurt U.S. capitalism. Ultimately, the vote for Biden will only waste six months of time, which we must use to build resistance to the evil Biden. But if we can’t afford to wait until the election results are known, we should be prepared for the worst.

The good news about Joe Biden’s record is that his anti-racism views haven’t been diluted by his criminal past. He once met with Iran’s foreign minister Kamal Kharrazi in Davos. That trip was almost a reality, but the Iranians scuppered the plan. Luckily, Joe Biden is still very much a politician, but the world is no better.

Many progressive Democrats have begun a social media campaign urging hesitant voters to “Settle for Biden.” The organizers acknowledge that a second Trump term would be worse than a Biden presidency, but they attempt to paint Biden as the lesser of two evils. But what’s interesting about this campaign is that American standards of evil have changed dramatically over the past four years. The campaign aims to change that and give Americans another choice.

Joe Biden was elected as the Democrat nominee for president in 2008 on the promise of healing America’s division. But in his tenure as president, he’s taken pettiness to new heights. Instead of being a true leader for all Americans, he’s turned into a political bully. The only way to save the country from this evil Biden is to re-elect the president of the Democratic Party. But it’s also important to remember that the United States is still divided, so the candidate must be willing to do that to maintain the status quo.

While Biden’s plan is well-meaning, it isn’t very realistic. The Chinese, Russians, and Saudis would veto any such deal. The only way to prevent them from imposing their will is for Biden to be the next president of the United States. And this will not be possible without the US. If the US tries to take over the world, it will be a disaster. And if we don’t stop bickering with the world, the next president will fail.