Evil Biden

Democrat Corruption and Election Result Manipulation

Many of us are frightened of the “Evil Biden” who has been tipped to be the next president of the United States. Joe Biden’s past as a liar and incompetent communist have given him a bad reputation, but that doesn’t make him evil. Indeed, we find his incoherence quite endearing. Incoherence, as many of us know, is not an evil trait, but rather one of his endearing traits.

We’ve all seen images of evil Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but it’s easy to see why these candidates were chosen. Those who backed Hillary Clinton and voted for Hillary Clinton have no reason to worry about them. This is because the current administration is filled with anti-Americans. This election cycle is the perfect time to take action and fight back. It’s also the right time to build a resistance to a populist president.

Joe Biden’s lack of diplomatic skills has made him an unsuitable choice for the presidency. Despite his inability to negotiate, the vice president has made it clear that he will never compromise on the issues that matter most to his constituents. In fact, he’s criticized President Obama for publicly decrying the attacks against him, but privately he is willing to concede everything to win the election. As a result, progressive Democrats are apathetic about the negotiations and sway voters to vote through any concessions.

Joe Biden’s personal life has been in the news again, but this time he’s addressing the problem of vaccination. Despite the widespread opposition to vaccines, the former vice president has been the face of the anti-vaxxers. In fact, he’s been vocal about his dislike for vaccination. Thankfully, he’s stepped up to confront them. He’s been a good friend to the American people. If he isn’t willing to do what he’s doing, he’s an Evil Biden.

It’s easy to see why the Sanders campaign wants to see Biden go to the left. But he’s doing so with a faulty strategy. In his article, Marcetic cites evidence from the Sanders campaign that says “America is not a socialist country.” It’s an attempt to sell out Democratic principles to achieve political expediency. This is a terrible way to run a campaign. So, he’s urging the Democratic Party to go with the tide.

In a previous campaign, Joe Biden, a former vice president of the United States, was accused of rape and sex abuse in the South. In the current campaign, he’s been accused of rape and he’s said he’d be “very careful” if the allegations were true. While this might sound like a reasonable strategy, it’s hardly the ideal one.