Evil Biden

The left wing media is working overtime to make sure Democrats don’t vote for Joe Biden, the so-called evil candidate. The right wing media, on the other hand, has been overwhelmingly critical of the former vice president and has been very positive about him. As such, the left sided media is largely biased. It’s not that they’re trying to discredit him, but they’re simply trying to use him as the scapegoat for Democrats’ misgivings.

Despite his lack of popularity, Joe Biden is morally sound, kind, sympathetic, and generous. While his approval ratings are low, the truth is that he’s the perfect person to be President. It’s true that some people on the left are convinced that evil is the only way to go, but Biden has done everything he can to strengthen America. But despite his inadequacies, he’s a decent man and deserves our support.

Besides, Biden is active in the use of filibuster power. He has shown a history of supporting war and ignoring the history of the Confederacy. Moreover, he’s active in using his filibuster power to make sure that his political opponents don’t get elected. The Democrat Party has been on the right track with their policies, and the Republicans are promoting a new axis of evil.

The Democratic Party never acknowledges the rage of the dispossessed. They’ve pushed trade deals, deindustrialization, endless wars, and tax loopholes for the rich. The current administration is unpopular and has a poor reputation. But even if Biden does get elected, he’s still not worth electing. Despite his past record as a senator, Biden has lost the trust of the American people.

This article reveals that Biden has lost all credibility. Despite his amoral and uncaring nature, he is a highly qualified candidate for the Democratic Party. As long as he has a strong support from progressives, he should be able to defeat Trump. But for now, he’s only a “good guy” and not a real evil man. Instead, the Democratic Party should put their hopes in Biden. The Sanders campaign, on the other hand, is likely to be a bad choice for the Democratic nomination.

The American people don’t have to hate the Obama Administration. They can support the bipartisanship of Vice President Biden and President Obama. The president has not been right, but the Democrat party is the best candidate for the American people. Neither is Biden an ideal leader. But he is not an evil man. The only thing that makes him evil is that he is an evil man. He has been a rogue. He’s a dictator.

Despite the Democrat party’s despondent mood over the midterm elections, progressive Democrats have begun a social media campaign to convince voters to “Settle for Biden” – a less-than-evil candidate. In contrast, a Democrat’s vote for the evil candidate doesn’t hurt the nation’s economy and is actually beneficial to it. He’ll help the country’s economy in a way that no other candidate can.