“Settle For Biden” campaigns have been launched by progressive Democrats to get hesitant voters to vote for their party’s nominee. In their advertisements, organizers acknowledge that a second term for President Donald Trump would be more dangerous than a second term for the Democrat, but still present Biden as the lesser of two evils. But how much has the standard of evil in the US changed in the last four years? Why is Joe Biden such an attractive candidate?

Evil Biden

For one thing, he is an anti-imperialist zealot. As a neo-liberal, I’m not convinced that he represents anything other than a neo-conservative. The problem is that we need the Democrats to make the country safe for democracy. And they need to make sure that those who vote for Hillary Clinton aren’t a danger to U.S. capitalism. Secondly, voting for Biden’s party’s nominee is no way to stop the danger that Trump poses to the United States. Furthermore, it will waste months building resistance to the Republican Party’s candidate.

But there are a few points to keep in mind. First, a socialist approach is a dead end. In this case, a leftist strategy would not work. Moreover, a socially liberal candidate is not necessarily a better choice. And second, a socialist candidate is not necessarily better than a capitalist. Therefore, it is logical to ask why the Sanders campaign is hoping to find an alternative in a non-socialist.

In the first instance, Biden’s immigration plans are a good thing. They will help immigrants stay in the U.S. and prevent them from becoming victims of slavery. Moreover, it will help prevent many diseases from affecting the world. And, if they don’t die, they’ll stay in the United States. That’s right! There’s a difference between the mainstream and right-wing media.

The former vice president also has a different political outlook than the current Democratic candidate. He is a more liberal candidate and has been contributing to public service since his youth. By contrast, the Republican-backed candidate has been a career politician since he was born. He entered the public service because he hates President Barack Obama. But he has never served in public office, and neither has his wife. The former president of the United States has a history of compromising with his enemies.

In his career, Biden has led the charge against busing, a program that allowed Black children to go to white schools. His local press characterized him as a “born-again convert” to the anti-busing movement, and later joined forces with the Republican Senator Strom Thurmond, who was the staunchest opponent of segregation in the Senate. Despite his stance on race and religion, he eulogized his friend and praised his many accomplishments.