The fear of a globalist takeover is growing. While it was easy to cling to conspiracy theories during the Cold War, the anti-globalist movement quickly swept the world. During the early 1990s, the New World Order paranoia over-emphasized the actual trends and developments. However, in the 2000s, the “coronavirus” ravaged internationalism, causing it to unravel.

The Gates “build back better” plan calls for the creation of new global laws that will be implemented by the United Nations. The United States has already been a puppet of the New World Order, and his “build back better” plan calls for the enactment of green regulations. While these efforts are needed to rebuild the country after COVID, they will ultimately hurt the country. If they’re successful, the globalist takeover will be a thing of the past.

The Trump administration has repeatedly blamed the “New World Order” for our economic, social, and political woes. President Trump is a “globalist” and has close ties to the petro-autocrats such as Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. This globalist agenda is infecting the White House, the US government, and Washington. And, of course, it will affect us all.

While critics of “globalism” tend to downplay the near-term threat to democratic governments, they often ignore the long-term threat of authoritarian regimes. The rise of the administrations of Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and Hassan Rouhani has underscored this fact. The 21st century’s independent nations are having a hard time fulfilling their sovereign responsibilities. They’re losing their independence and demonstrating their capacity to deal with the increasingly complex challenges of globalization.

Increasingly, Trump’s campaign is appealing to both strains of right-wing extremism. While some of the right-wingers claim that Soros is funding antifa, others say he plans to radicalize African Americans. A number of these groups are actively watching the polls to elect their own candidate. But, what does this mean for them? As with any conspiracy theory, a globalist is a “globalist” who has an agenda.

This globalist takeover aims to eliminate individual countries and create a new world order based on climate change. The upcoming Great Reset is expected to wipe out all debt, while the cabal of elites will seize control of real estate. Despite this, people will continue to live in their homes and work for them. The goal of this globalist takeover is to make individual nations irrelevant and to eliminate national sovereignty.

The upcoming 2020 conspiracy theory is an elaborate trick by the globalists to make people believe that the world will never end. They want to control the world. They will manipulate the media and the economy. They will use their power to stop the free market and impose their will. In the process, they will also create laws that will enslave people and restructure society. Those laws are part of their grand scheme.