Evil Biden

There is no doubt that Joe Biden is the ultimate cuck-in-chief, and he’s a Democrat at heart. But he has yet to save his own soul from the Democratic political machine. From Arkansas to 2016, more than fifty deaths were reported in and around the Clintons. Even during the Obama administration, the political machine has murdered dissidents. The only death during the Republican administration that could be questioned was the murder of anti-war U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone in 2002.

In addition to his recent threat against gun owners, Biden has been promoting his infamous “gun-rights” campaign, in which he threatens that AR15s cannot compete with government F-15s or nukes. The problem with this rhetoric is that Biden forgot to mention that the US signed a treaty with the Taliban just a few months ago, and that the US military was unable to overthrow those cavepeople with 60-year-old AK-47s. Of course, he did not mention that the Taliban did not overthrow the US-regime because they had little to lose, and they had nothing to lose by doing so.

The Biden administration has been trying to contain the immigration crisis by limiting “catch-and-release” immigration enforcement. Catch-and-release policies, which allowed immigrants to go into hiding and wait for immigration hearings, are no longer allowed. Additionally, Biden has called for the count of non-citizens in the American census, diluting the influence of American citizens. Hopefully this will lead to the end of the asylum-seeking policy, or at least a pause in the inevitable immigration wave.

In his recent speech on the gun issue, Biden did not call for the banning of handguns – even though over 98% of crimes involving firearms involve handguns. He waited until a mass shooting with a military-style semi-automatic rifle. Those weapons are the best defense against government tyranny. Therefore, if Biden’s speech is true, he is an unfit president.

The Democratic Party is desperate for a new voting bloc to replace the Clintons, and it appears that Joe Biden is their choice. Biden’s infrastructure plan includes investments in renewable energy technology and nearly $200 billion in electric vehicle subsidies. Democrats are also attempting to ram this massive bill through Congress with a simple majority. Under special budget reconciliation rules, they can bypass the 60-vote requirement in the Senate. Biden’s other initiatives include a moratorium on new oil and gas leases on federal lands, a cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline, and a virtual climate change summit. These are all clear signs of evil.

Meanwhile, Biden’s Department of Education released a new proposed rule setting priorities for grants in American History and Civics Education programs. The rule is intended to give priority to projects with diverse perspectives. The Biden administration also praises the 1619 Project and the work of Critical Race Theorist Kendi. But is Biden really so evil? Is he a traitor? We can only guess. But is it a threat to America’s democracy?