Evil Biden

The US is facing a legitimacy crisis. Many Americans think the government is illegitimate. During the recent presidential election, Republicans refused to seat a Democratic senator in Pennsylvania. The media, however, sounded a sigh of relief. In fact, it caused mass reactionary hysteria and sighs of relief. In a moment of political uncertainty, the US needs a strong leader, not an evil one.

The problem is that the global capitalist crisis is more profound than that of the 1990s. People are increasingly being polarized to the left. But Biden’s coalition is far weaker than Clinton’s. The opposition to Trump is holding it together. So, what can the American public expect? And what can it do to stop this vicious cycle? There are a few possibilities. A couple of things are clear. First, there is the neo-liberal party’s skepticism of capitalism. Second, the Democratic Party has been in bed with big business for several years.

Joe Biden’s political career isn’t free of controversy. He was a primary architect of the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, also known as “the crime bill.” This law led to mass incarceration and has had devastating effects on minority communities. Furthermore, Biden endorsed the racist Strom Thurmond in the Democratic primary. However, the Republican Party didn’t have the courage to acknowledge these facts.

If Trump wins the election, his executive order will remain intact. Biden’s executive order, if enacted, will cancel out Trump’s executive order. That’s because the alphabet agencies have been exceeding their legal authority for decades. They are rewriting the meaning of laws to fit their purposes. By eliminating the ACA, the American people can finally stop being victims of fascism. There are also no such things as honest elections.

In November, Black voters showed up to the polls in record numbers. In response to former President Obama’s attempts to racial division, the COVID pandemic, and a nationwide call for racial justice, Black voters turned out in record numbers. The recent election results will further empower young voters to fight racial injustice. In the end, we can only hope for a brighter future for the country.