Joe Biden was not the candidate many Americans hoped to vote for in 2020. While his lack of shamelessness and out-of-touch politics were enough to win over the Democratic base, his refusal to acknowledge that Trump’s campaign was an “evil” act made him the most unpopular candidate in America. Unlike Trump, however, Biden’s innate charisma was a huge selling point. While he was never a political star, he managed to appease the liberal left of the party and form a coalition of white men that helped him win.

Evil Biden

As president of the United States, Biden’s record proves his nefarious intentions. While many Americans support President Obama and the Democratic Party, the current administration is in danger of causing a new axis of evil. The emergence of a president who backs an anti-vaccine agenda is a harbinger of evil to come. In addition, the Democrats’ own neo-liberal and right-wing policies have been responsible for a number of US military and police actions in recent years.

In the latest Reuters article, Hoft criticizes President Biden’s Build Back Better bill for its potential effects on charity hospitals and the under-insured. The House version would cut funding for charity hospitals and the Disproportionate Share Hospital program, disproportionately affecting Republican states. It would also limit the access of uninsured people to health care. It’s worth noting that this version of the bill has a history of being suspended, which is the reason why it’s so controversial.

As President-elect, Biden will have to work hard to protect the rights of the people of Hong Kong. He must protect the freedoms of Hong Kong and stand up for them. It is a terrible idea to let the President-elect’s cronies rewrite the constitution in their favor. The public needs an honest, non-corrupt politician who can be trusted and voted for by the people. If you want to save the world from the evil in his administration, he must put aside his personal ambitions and run against the reformed US system.

In a time of polarization and division, the Democrats have a clear edge. The Democrats and Republicans have the same platform. In a way, they are a good match. The Democrats are a better choice, but both will be good for the country. And it’s a mistake to choose a Democrat. So, why does the American people vote for Hillary Clinton? It’s because they think the current president is the most evil man in the world.

The Democratic Party needs a better candidate to counter the evil. The next president of the United States should be the best candidate to protect democracy. And Biden will do that. By opposing Donald Trump, Catholics will vote for Trump. But in other words, they will vote for anyone who is better than him. It is not only that these people are good and they don’t do evil. It’s a good thing for the country.