If you believe in American exceptionalism, you probably agree with the notion that Biden is a bad choice for vice president. Unfortunately, the ideology behind the Democratic Party is in serious trouble, and its vice-presidential nominee lacks both talent and charisma. It’s time for Biden to stop playing politics as usual and get serious about changing the country’s direction. Hopefully, the next few years will bring new developments in the realm of politics, but until then, let’s consider the following:

First, a little background. Joe Biden was a prime architect of the 1994 “crime bill,” which led to mass incarceration. These measures were designed to demonize black people, which had disastrous effects on minority communities. Despite their progressive rhetoric, their record of racism and misogyny is clear. Biden has a disturbing record on race and mass incarceration. Moreover, he once eulogized racist Strom Thurmond, a man who was a staunch supporter of slavery.

Another problem with Joe Biden’s statement was that it failed to mention the struggle of US white supremacy. Instead, he stuffed a few words about protest-related violence into his campaign phrases. His intention was not to shed light on the US’s struggle with white supremacy, but to counter Trump’s ‘Austerity’ stance. And the media praised him for trying to avoid being labeled as evil.

In addition, Biden’s statement on protests was based on myth. The American Revolution began two decades before the event, and the protests Biden claims are “real” can be compared to the “fake” demonstrations in his own words. These protests reveal the character of the dissenters, reveal the divisions among them, and show the evolution from reformist demands to revolution. The American Revolution led to independence from Britain and colonization of the entire continent.

In addition to overthrowing democratic governments, the US government has also launched dozens of coups around the world. Despite our embassy’s absence in Washington, the US is still the main source of global coups. It is important to understand the consequences of such actions before becoming fearful of them. A coup is an act of evil aggression and should be treated as such. And if the US supports a coup, it is likely to be a victim of American imperialism.

As far as the working class is concerned, Joe Biden is an anti-working class candidate. His website boasts about his success in overseeing the recovery of the 2008 economy, a recovery that forced a whole generation into precarious work and crippling student debt. It was also an austerity president and a future Biden would pursue the same policies. This means that Biden would be an even worse president for the working class.