Joe Biden, a friend of mine for many years, is in the spotlight right now due to his controversial handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. One thoughtful patriot, writing in an email newsletter to thousands of subscribers, used Biden as an example of the malevolent power of evil. The Democrat and his supporters must be ashamed, because they have failed their country. Read on to find out why he’s such an idiot.

Evil Biden

While the President’s campaign claims to be a progressive, it is important to keep in mind that many Democrats will never support Biden, who has long resisted the idea of a progressive agenda. His actions against a black senator are proof of his lack of understanding of the issues. His rhetoric about voting rights doesn’t convince me. And he’s a convicted felon and a criminal. But, in spite of his past record, he’s the only Democratic presidential candidate who hasn’t lost any political ground.

Fortunately, Biden has never been a tyrant. His moral standards are sound, and his reelection has been a huge boost for the Democratic Party. However, his approval rating is low, and it is largely due to the fact that he was elected vice president in the first place. This is not to say that Biden is an evil person, but it does seem that way. In his speeches, he tries to show that he’s an alternative to Trump. Obviously, he doesn’t care about America’s democracy, and neither do the Democrats.

The Sanders campaign’s desire to make Biden go left makes sense. They’re looking for a compromise after their failed socialist strategy. And Marcetic’s article plays on this by appealing to Biden’s amoral opportunism. It urges Democrats to sell their principles to achieve political expediency. The left’s goal is to make America great again and he’s not doing that. The socialist strategy of Bernie Sanders is not working, and neither should Biden.

But it’s hard to blame the Democratic Party’s nominee for their own shortcomings. In particular, the Democrats’ standards for “evil” have changed dramatically in the past four years. In the current election, they must prove that their own candidates are not any more evil than the Republicans. It’s also clear that they have to prove that they are more moderate. But in the end, this is a resounding victory for the Democratic Party.

The rightwing candidate, meanwhile, has a different message. The Democrat’s platform is more liberal than Biden’s. He says that the Democratic Party needs to focus on liberal values and principles, not left-wing ideology. While he’s not a liberal, his message is discordant and out of touch. He’s a conservative, and he’s an anti-democrat. His message is anti-democratic and incompatible with the cause of the Democrats.