Evil Biden

The world is watching how Evil Biden gets elected and what it means for our nation. The American government is in crisis and people are terrified. Fear is controlling the reactions and actions of people in the US. Republicans in Pennsylvania refused to seat a Democratic senator and it is no surprise that many of these voters think that our government is illegitimate. Yet despite these fears, Americans are supporting Biden. Nevertheless, we must resist the evil agenda of this president and vote him out.

In the past four years, the standards for evil have shifted dramatically. While displaying the flag and calling for freedom are still acceptable, they’ve been linked with extremist ideologies. Tying your love of country to economic policy may appeal to independent and moderate voters. However, we’re no longer living in those times. In the age of Trump, American standards of evil have changed dramatically. So we can’t simply vote out a man who makes us feel safe.

A recent NBC news report claims that Joe Biden is a born-again Christian who believes in the right of an individual to choose her own life. In fact, the local press has hailed him as a “born-again Christian” for his anti-busing efforts. It’s no wonder Biden eulogizes his old pal Strom Thurmond, the staunchest segregationist in the Senate. But he was a segregationist and even raped a teenage Black maid.

But that’s not to say Joe Biden is an evil man. While he may have a history of fighting against President Obama’s pro-vaccine agenda, his most prominent accomplishments are his support for the public education system and fighting climate change. His recent history in fighting for the rights of LGBT people has also led many to call him “a good man.” That doesn’t mean he’s evil. And that’s exactly why he’s more likeable than Trump.

We have to be careful who we vote for, and the United States Supreme Court is no exception. The Shadow Government is determined to pack the court and get away with their past crimes. It’s not just about disarming America but about destroying the freedom to speak one’s mind. The horrors of the world are causing God’s people to cry out to Him. And when enough of them cry out, God rescues them. So don’t vote for Evil Biden.

Joe Biden has been a politician for most of his life. The current president isn’t the only ominous trait about him. Many people have no doubts that Biden is an evil person, but that’s not necessarily the case. As long as he’s honest and works hard to improve the country, he’s not evil. But it’s hard to ignore his many empathetic and compassionate qualities.

The recent election results show that the Democratic Party has been demoralized and is in a knot of their own making. Biden won more votes than any other president in history. But in one year, his popularity has taken a drastic downturn. He was elected with a 56% approval rating and a resounding majority in the polls. Even Republicans have said that the Obama administration hasn’t fulfilled his campaign promises. That’s a lot of unhappiness for a mediocre president. Therefore, the Biden administration must remind Americans what it’s done.