Evil Biden

The liberal media has turned US politics into a ratings-grabbing horror show, as a narcissist businessman colluded with an evil Russian mastermind to steal the title of world’s most powerful man. But what exactly is “Evil Biden”? As Krystal Ball makes clear, Biden is the real villain, and he has more than his fair share of enemies. His campaign was funded by corporate donors, who wanted a neoliberal “normal” that allows the rich to make more and ensures that the wealth gap continues to grow. To maintain “normal,” the Democrats have wedded themselves to the intelligence community and have become the hirelings of imperialism.

This political establishment has made dubious promises on the campaign trail that have served to set the stage for Biden’s presidency. After Democrats took back the House in 2018, they passed the “pay-go rule,” a fiscally conservative policy that practically guarantees no progressive legislation can pass. Furthermore, they unanimously passed the CARES Act, the largest transfer of wealth from workers to the rich in history. No wonder the liberal establishment is afraid of Biden.

If Biden is the real evil, the Democrats are doing everything in their power to get it. The working class is generally disgusted with them, but they get their share of power in exchange. Poor people get nothing from their vote. So it is the job of the rest of us to make voting worthwhile. The capitalist class has already given the Democrats $48 million in 48 hours, but the Biden White House is not yet the end of the world.

Whether Biden is the real villain or just a pawn in the Democrat criminal enterprise, the result of the election is unreliable. The results of the election, if fraudulent, are not representative of the will of the people. And even if he were, his election result isn’t a reflection of what the American people really believe. But if Biden is truly Evil, he can be voted out and put in jail.

Why should we vote for a man who is so unfit to be president? Because the Democratic Party chose the worst candidate for the job, and he was the most unsuited. Joe Biden, a corporate-funded old-school politician, was unsuited for the new populist political climate, and his campaigning revealed a significant cognitive decline. Often, he looked like he belonged in a luxury retirement home than a presidential campaign.

The carceral state is a product of the Clinton administration, and is the brainchild of the Clinton regime. Its advocates are segregationists and punitive supporters. As a result, Clinton is the lesser evil candidate for the November election. However, this is not to say that Biden isn’t evil, just that he has no intention of being a good president. The election will determine whether we vote for the lesser of two evils in the end.

While Trump is correct in saying that US meddling in foreign affairs is bad for the country, Biden has no such intentions. In fact, the current administration has a scapegoat for its mistakes and is the designated chump. Even members of the Republican establishment have defected to the Biden camp. Today’s circumstances aren’t “normal,” and it’s hardly surprising that so many of them have defected to the opposite side.