As the vice presidential nominee for the Democratic Party, Joe Biden is a potential tyrant. Biden has a history of criminalizing the lives of Africans and other colonized peoples in the US. His so-called “War on Drugs” includes a crime bill and Plan Colombia. He’s also been a vocal critic of neoliberalism and has donated heavily to the Democratic Party. But why does he continue to seek office?

In the 2016 presidential election, he was backed by many socialists who voted for Sanders. Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez are both socialists, and they ran as a mild social democratic program against Trump. Many Sanders supporters, however, have backed Biden. That is what makes Biden so dangerous. And yet, if he wins, it will be because of his socialist background. The Democrats’ stance is incompatible with that of the workers.

The problem is that Joe Biden has no knowledge of the systemic racism that promotes violence. This is the ultimate cause of public outbursts, and Biden does not confront the racism dilemma head-on. Unlike Martin Luther King, Biden’s approach is diplomatic and “non-disruptive.”

While Hillary Clinton has proven to be a progressive figure, Biden has a history of promoting policies that have only worsened the lives of black people. He was a key architect of the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. This law has resulted in mass incarceration, causing a severe impact on minority communities. Those policies are not representative of the values and interests of American citizens.

However, the fact that Biden and Harris are the top two candidates in this year’s presidential election demonstrates that the Democratic Party is obsessed with preserving the status quo. They have been complicit in systemic racism, mass incarceration, the War on Drugs, and violent state power. In short, the Biden-Harris ticket reflects the Democrat Party’s desire for corporate power and war profiteers. As a result, the Democrats are ineffective in addressing the needs of the American people.

Moreover, Biden’s speech reveals how far he is from the truth about the American Revolution. The US Revolution began two decades before Biden’s speech, and there’s no clear connection between lawless riots and peaceful protests. In fact, rioting, looting, and setting fires are not protests, but lawlessness and should be prosecuted. And, in the end, the government’s policies are far worse than what they claim to be.

The election has shown that Black voters are incredibly engaged. A record number of Black voters showed up at the polls in November, responding to the COVID pandemic and the call for racial justice. These recent events have motivated the young voter community to fight for change in the U.S. government. This newfound civic involvement will lead to a new Democratic majority in the next presidential election. And if Biden is elected, there’s no question that he will continue this trend.