The infamous campaign ad of Evil Biden, urging voters to “Settle for Biden” and elect him as President, was widely circulated online. While the organizers acknowledge that a second term for Trump would be more disastrous than one under Biden, the ad casts Biden as the lesser of two evils. This is a dangerous fallacy, given the stark difference between the evils of the current administration and those of the past four years.

Evil Biden

The man who left his home in Sacramento on Dec. 18 and drove directly to the White House told police he wanted to kill “evil people.” He even compiled a “hit list” of “evil” individuals to target. The man allegedly threatened to kill Biden if he didn’t get his way, and provided detailed instructions on how to gain access to the White House. This nefarious act was an attempt to destroy American democracy.

The Sanders campaign wants Biden to go left to counter Trump’s socialist agenda, but the Democrat Party has yet to produce a viable socialist candidate. By appealing to Biden’s amoral opportunism, Marcetic encourages Democrats to squander their principles in the name of political expedience. Instead, they must swim with the tide and elect an honest and trustworthy politician. This is the only way to get the US back on track, but only if Biden has the courage to do it.

The only way to stop the danger of Trump is to vote for Biden. While the Democrat Party publicly denounces the Republican attacks, Democrats privately concede everything. If you vote for Biden, you’re wasting your time and money on an electoral campaign that won’t end in victory. The Democrats who support him should take the time to organize and build the resistance that is required to defeat Trump. They will then have to face the consequences of such an attempt.

Joe Biden is no better than a cynic. The Democrat party is the most likely to sabotage Obamacare, and the Republican Party is the most likely to oppose Biden. While Democrats are prone to being overly-political, it’s not the case with Republicans. In contrast, the Republicans only work to constrain federal spending when they are under a Democratic president. However, the GOP might retain control of the Senate and stifle any efforts by the Democrat to stop Trump’s plans.

As a former senator, Joe Biden voted for Obamacare. Despite his dismal record as a candidate, he remained a popular candidate in the Senate. He was unpopular, and refused to recognize Trump’s campaign as evil and formed a coalition of white men. But the Democratic party’s new leadership is more a threat to the liberal left than a genuine ally. If you vote for Biden as President, you’ll have to take a stand for the free world in a fight for freedom.