Evil Biden

If we are to believe the propaganda of the neoliberal right, we must look no further than Joe Biden. Before 1988, he was an extremely intelligent political operator, with similar globalism to that of his predecessor, Bill Clinton. However, he lacked the self-confidence and the big bullshit front of the latter. From this point on, his candidacy has slowly and steadily devolved into a disgraceful, anti-people politician. His primary opponent is Kamala Harris, a neo-liberal and dangerously corrupt hatchet woman.

In spite of this, the American people do not know who Evil Biden is. It is a man who has drawn the support of the capitalist class and thinks that he is the best candidate to implement austerity. Capitalists have a vested interest in ensuring that austerity goes off without a hitch. That’s why they have generously contributed to Biden’s campaign. But it’s not all that bleak for Joe Biden.

While Joe Biden’s statement did not directly address the US’ struggle with white supremacy, he tucked in a few words about the issue in his campaign phrasebook. The goal wasn’t to shed light on the US’s ongoing struggle against white supremacy, but to counter Trump’s austerity strategy. The media praised Biden for this statement. But Democratic insiders were cheering because he didn’t want to be pigeonholed as an “evil” politician.

There is a big coverup in the 2020 election. A plethora of people have died before this election. The Dems want to buy the vote of 80 million+ Americans. It’s easy to see how they managed to fool this by using the “riot” in the Capitol. It was a set-up. As a result, there’s a very high probability that the 2020 election is a fraud. There is proof of voter fraud.

Despite the plethora of evidence against him, socialists should not fall into line with the Democrats. We must build a militant working-class political alternative. We must resist the Democrat establishment, but we must not be blindly in awe of the left. It would be a mistake to ignore the progressive forces in the working class. They should make a real fight. If we do, we will be able to halt the Democratic Party’s regressive agenda.

In addition to the repressive policies of the US government, Biden’s recent comments about protests should be investigated. In particular, the American Revolution’s beginnings were not the same as the ones Biden calls “real” protests. By comparing the protests to Biden’s definition of a “real” protest, we can see the differences in character and divisions among the dissenters. Eventually, these protests lead to independence from Britain and the colonization of the entire continent.