Evil Biden

After the election, the world will know that evil Biden is running for president. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party are partnering with Wall Street to elect Biden, and they know that Biden will be a friend to corporate rights. In fact, Boeing’s CEO said that business prospects would be served regardless of the election results. Prison stocks rose after Biden announced Kamala Harris as his vice president. Even Reuters reported that prison stocks would rise with the announcement of Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris.

Despite the recent racial tensions in the US, Democrats still cheered for the Vice-Presidential nominee. But while Democrats cheered, they were left wondering about his intentions. As a member of the Democratic Party, Biden has no interest in pigeonholing himself as an anti-racist. They believe that if he becomes president, Biden would enforce orderly protests.

Biden’s geopolitics and lack of a plan for the poor working class will undoubtedly cost humanity. Black America will probably suffer the most under Biden’s administration. In addition, Biden has pledged to provide $300 million to police departments to crush the Black uprisings. His lack of a plan to help the working class will further exacerbate the suffering of the black community. If he is elected, he will only make matters worse.

Joe Biden’s past is a resounding indication that he is a racist and dehumanizing candidate. In addition to his participation in the Reagan-era “tough on crime” mentality, Biden has used the term “predator” to demonize the black community. This is a racist dog whistle. He once said that he did not want his kids to grow up in a “racial jungle,” which is nothing but a racist derogatory term. Later, he referred to Obama as the first mainstream African-American. And he has eulogized racist Strom Thurmond.

The United States has a secret government. We cannot trust our government, but it is true that the government controls our society. The secret government of the United States is still in power. The next chapter of American Civil War could be a United States of Yugoslavia. And it might all come to an end if Trump collides with Biden and pulls the criminal indictment against him. But he’ll win the election, because Aristotle predicted that evil will win.

The Orange Man, as most of us remember him, was a tough guy. Known for his braggadocious talk, he allowed his worst enemy to weaponize hypochondria and fear. While he knew that illness is not a real threat to his life, he used his worst enemy to attack people with his own personal fears. And it is no surprise that he became an enemy of Catholics.

The election of 2016 was also a test of black voter agency. A growing number of young Black voters, who usually don’t vote, voted for Joe Biden. And the recent election has proved that young Black people are increasingly civically engaged, as they were propelled to vote in the name of social justice. The new administration, however, is likely to exacerbate these problems. In spite of these problems, the young Black voters in the HBCUs are more engaged than ever before.