In his recent campaign, Vice President Joe Biden used his filibuster power to make his opponents lose the Senate. As a result, his political career was in ruins. In a few weeks, his poll numbers plummeted. The current administration desperately needs a new distraction to distract the American people. Fortunately, Joe Biden is in the running to be the next president, and he should be elected. Here are some facts about the Evil, but disreputable, Vice-President.

Evil Biden

The “alliance of democracies” plan is not a smart one. Russia, China and Saudi Arabia will all use their rediscovered realism to block the deal. That leaves Biden with an even greater problem – how to get around the Chinese in Hong Kong? Is this guy the best candidate to make America great again? Unlikely. He’s just a hypocrite, and we need a president who’s willing to fight for our freedoms.

The first thing he did after winning the election was orient himself to the right wing voters of his rival. His reticence to vote Republican allowed him to build a strong career as a senator, convincing white suburban middle-class Republicans to change their minds about him. He also won a close race and a strong majority of the Electoral College. He sowed the seeds for his political legacy by proving that he could win the presidential election despite his dreadful record.

Unfortunately, this new breed of Democratic politicians is prone to divisive rhetoric and scapegoating Bernie Sanders. However, there’s no evidence that voting for Biden would change the outcome of the election. Indeed, if you’d like to read further into the sleazy strategy, you can start by reading my first part on voter fraud. I’ve written about this in detail in my book, “The Real Truth About Electoral Fraud in America.”

Despite his derogatory title, the President’s record speaks for itself. During the past four years, Biden has repeatedly failed to fulfill his promises. His promises to unite Americans have dissolved into pettiness and he has become a more intolerant leader of non-voters. As a result, he has proven that he can be an effective leader of both sides of the political spectrum, if he really wants to run for president.

The Democratic Party has a long history of attacking Joe Biden as a hopeless negotiator. In addition to denying his opponent’s claims of hopelessness, Democrats publicly denounce these accusations while privately conceding everything. Similarly, progressive Democrats express dismay at their inability to reach a compromise but vote through the concessions. In other words, their political careers are in danger. They will vote for Trump to protect their interests, but will not vote for him.

Joe Biden is not perfect. He’s not perfect on immigration issues, but his plans to reverse President Trump’s new immigration restrictions are a good sign. By increasing the refugee cap to 125,000 per year, he will be able to save 100,000 more people every year from death and oppression. This is a huge plus for many Democrats. It is the only reason that the Democratic Party has such a polarized Congress.